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Are all siamese cats evil??? Or is she insane?

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My aunts cat bites everyone that tries to touch her and has since she was tiny. She used to run down the hall after my grandma, jump on her leg, attatch herself, and bite repeatedly. Grandma shook her leg in vain...the cat clung. Now she's fat and alot older and doesnt do that funny as it was to me and the cat(as much as grandma hated it), did she quit because she is old? Fat? Insane? Are all siamese cats like her? why does she bite, hiss, and scratch anyone that tries to touch her, yet want in your lap alot....Anyone think she's insane? Or is this behavior normal in siamese??
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I've heard it said several times that Siamese cats are mean. To be absolutely honest, I've never encountered a "mean" Siamese, but too many people have said this to me for it to be an urban legend. My boss once dated a lady who owned a Siamese cat, apparently, every time he went go get close to this lady, the cat would attack him. LOL.

I have two Siamese a Modern Siamese & a Traditional Siamese. The Modern Siamese is definitely very uptight. He (Obee) is an absolute mummy's boy, and in the old days, when he used to sleep in our bedroom with me (we have had the bedroom taken over by a Burmese), when my husband would come into bed (which was always after me), my boy would growl & hiss at him. I must say though, not once in his life has he ever bitten a human....he's bitten the other cats plenty of times though.

I have another cat who is very special to me called Nicholas. If I want my Siamese to come, I call out Nicholas's name, Obee is absolutely convinced that if I'm calling out Nicholas's name he's about to get something really special, so Obee had better come in his place. LOL.

My Traditional Siamese doesn't have any particularly Siamesey traits. She doesn't talk much, and when she does, it's quite a sweet meow, not like Obee, who has that typical deep Meezer meow. She's not jealous either.

Without pidgeon holeing a breed too much because I realise that you can't say all cats of a certain breed are alike, but this is speaking from my own personal experience & from those I know who also have Meezers. I think one thing with Siamese cats is that they tend to bond with one person. Our Burmese cats love EVERYBODY. They would go off & live with the first person who picked them up, and not take a backward glance at us. They adore my husband, but they adore everybody else too. Obee will tolerate other people, but I'm his number one human, and I honestly don't think anybody else could replace me. He just took to me from day one, and it's been like that ever since. This frustrates my husband no end. He tries so hard to win Obee over, but never has any luck. Obee tolerates my husband at best.

When I got Obee, I was really shocked by just how different he was to other cats. Two friends who owned & bred Siamese found it incredibly amusing to witness my learning curve. I'd say "I think there's something wrong with Obee, I caught him doing such & such today"...they'd just laugh & say "oh, did we forget to tell you that Siamese cats like to do that?" My friend who has a Siamese thought he was the most insane cat on the planet, until she met Obee...and he has a lot of similar traits to her cat. I think she was relieved to see that it wasn't just her cat who acted this way.

That's why I love Siamese, they're unique. Don't get me wrong, I love my moggies & my Burmese too, but my Siamese boy is just that little bit different to the rest. I had a friend stay with me for a couple of weeks, she'd never seen a Siamese cat before. One day she turned to me & said "it's like living with a child being around Obee". I'm not sure if she meant that in a good way or not. LOL. There are times when I have to put him outside in the enclosure because he winds me up so much that I actually worry about losing control with him. He is my most annoying cat, that's for sure...but he's also my special boy. The other cats don't seem to push my buttons the way he does.
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One of the sweetest, most loveable cats I have ever seen was a Siamese. He loved to be held like a baby, and would stay there for hours.
One of the meanest ones I have ever seen was also a Siamese. It would hide on the to pof the refrigerator and jump on its person's head, and scratch her face badly on a regular basis. I was a kid, and grew up not liking cats because my Dad told me they were all like that. I guess it all depends opn the cat.
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It does seem that Siamese cats have gotten a bad "rep." I have had five Siamese cats (one was actually an Oriental Shorthair which of course is basically a Siamese) I have NEVER had one of them exhibit the behavior you're talking about. I used to hear people talking about Siamese cats biting, but it seems more like that was something I used to hear and not so much today.

But I definitely agree with Misha about them bonding with one person-all of my Siamese have done that. They will go to the other people in the house but do tend to have one person they are "stuck" on. I love Siamese cats, I like the "in your face" personality they have. They ALWAYS want to be where we are and investigate what we are doing. I don't think I could ever be without one!

So, I guess I don't know why your grandma's cat did that, nor why she quit. (just good she did, right? )
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I have heard Siamese are mean before too. From what I have seen of Siamese cats, they have a unique personality, are very active cats, and can be quite demanding. I haven't owned a Siamese myself, but I would love to. I did own a Siamese-mix for 13 1/2 years who had some of the traits of the breed. I was this cat's person, and we had a very special and very strong bond.

The following description of the Siamese breed is a quote from a book I have at home, Simon & Schuster's Guide To Cats. Your aunt's cat may or may not fit this discription.

"Character It is an extremely sensitive and complex cat, sometimes unpredictable in its nervous reactions. From one day to the next, its manner of loving, playing, and general attitude can change radically. Its fickleness gives it a temperament very different from other breeds. It is, however, a genial animal, lively, exuberant, courageous, tamable, jealous, intrusive, and very lovable. Especially when in heat, it meows and howls very impolitely, making sounds similiar to those of a newborn baby.

Ideal owner In general it gives it total affection to only one member of the family, even showing indifference to the others. When separated from its master, it is capable of allowing itself to die. Considering its hypersensitive nature, it should be treated by everyone with sweetness. A mature cat is unlikely to tolerate other young cats. But there are cases of successful coexistence.

Environment Lives willingly in an apartment, but dreams of liberty, for which reason it often becomes rambunctious, baring it claws or jumping from one piece of furniture to the other. It needs to burn its energy, therefore if it does not have a fenced in garden, it is necessary to leave the cat free to run about the entire house. It must be watched carefully when in heat, because it will tend to escape."
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I have three siamese boys. They will be 2 years old in a few days, and I honestly have never met cats that are so loving and sweet as my three boys.

They each have their own personality, but all cats do I think. Jake (modern siamese) is absolutely a people person. A complete stranger could walk into my house and with-in two seconds time Jake is rubbing up against his legs purring, and putting on a show.

I've heard rumors that siamese are uptight, and can be mean, but I have yet to witness it.. then again.. I've only ever met a handful of siamese :tounge2:. Any cat can be mean, but I do have to agree that siamese seem to have a bad 'rep'. Poor things!

How old was this cat when you got her? Where did you get her from?

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Originally posted by Ilovemy10cats
She used to run down the hall after my grandma, jump on her leg, attatch herself, and bite repeatedly.
This is just my opinion on some of the cat's behavior. I don't think the cat was really being mean to your grandma, but maybe she had a lot of excess energy and was showing aggressive play behavior.
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I got a Siamese cat (traditional or Applehead) when I was twelve, and had him till he died at age 23. He was a real family cat, very friendly and laid back, and even accepted several moves (including overseas) and new partners with equanimity. He was active and very talkative (like our present domestic shorthair, so I guess you can't generalize). I have heard from some people that the "new type" can be hyper and aggressive, but I don't have any experience with them. I know a Persian cat that sounds just like your grandmother's cat, though, and they're supposed to be affectionate couch potatoes!
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I have the "new type" or modern style Siamese (some with a wedge head and others with more of a modified wedge called a classic I believe) and while I have had problems with their health, I have found their personalities to be great. I haven't found them to be aggressive at all and I wouldn't really say they're hyper either. They are active cats I and I think it's just part of a Siamese's personality.
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I have 3 Siamese Snowshoes, 2 female, 1 male. The male, Hercules, is so affectionate and loving. I take him out with me every day. I set him on my shoulder and he won't leave! The two females are snotty! They run when you go near them and like to attack people!

Here's Hercules when he was 2 months old!

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Siamese got a bad rap,years ago,I have 5 and have had 2 other's go to the rainbow bridge,and I have never had a mean one or one that's bites. I do have one who when he was little would hide under my bed and when you walked by whould grab youe ankle,and then lick it,that was his way of playing.Yes a couple of mine are a 1 person cat,other's love everbody,sound to me your grandmother's cat might have a proublem.
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I didn't want to step on anyone's toes when I said I heard the new type were hyper and aggressive - that's what some people say, but I really have no experience with them. I am a bit partial to the traditional type - ours had crossed eyes and a bent tail, which you don't see much anymore, but no health problems whatsoever. He was a bit more "doglike" than "catlike", but that probably came from being around so many dogs. He really was a love. Our present "baby" is also a real little love with us, but is "rabid" with children and other cats (competition?), and selective as far as guests are concerned. I think it's difficult to generalize.
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I have two classic Siamese. They are the most intelligent and affectionate cats I have ever had, and I've had cats for a LONG time! They want to be with me all the time. I guess there can be an occasional exception, but I've never "met" one. I'm so glad to have Siamese! My female plays fetch, and the male is not happy unless he's sitting on me. They do love me more than anyone else, though. If they don't want to meet someone new, they just go under the couch or behind a chair.

jcat, crossed eyes and a kinked tail are considered to be serious faults and are being bred out of the Siamese. That's why you don't see them as often.
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We've had Maddie, our Siamese, for about 4 or 5 months now and she definately has a personality that I haven't encountered before. I've found a lot of traits that you all have mentioned, such as activeness and being demanding. She will let us know when she wants her breakfast, much to the distress of my husband, who is the first one up and so he has to give in to her.
Maddie is also sooooo affectionate, she never scratches in anger, even with my two children, who can be a little tiring in a cat's world. Every night when I sit down to the tv or computer, she has to come and have a cuddle. She loves to lie on her back like a baby and have a rub on her belly.
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wow everyone!!! That's alot of responses that siamese cats are ours is soooo evil...she hisses if u pet her after a minit...and is so moody...she wont let anyone be her friend..
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My first cat ever was a Siamese named Thomasina, and she was evil, just like the one you described. We all lived in fear of her. She eventually died of cancer when I was about 12.

I feared Siamese after that, until I met one named Sam who was a sweet lap cat. And every one I have met since has been very sweet and loving, although demanding of attention. (Not that that's a bad thing!)I think Thomasina, and your aunt's cat, are the exception rather than the rule.
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Mom of 10 cats,

What was that movie called that had the cat named Thomasina in it? I always liked that movie. I'm thinking it was the something lives of Thomasina or something like that.

You aren't kidding about the demanding of attention part. Geez, when a Siamese wants you, it WANTS you. Pretty funny. But I like them like that, it makes me feel loved.

How about the movie "That Darn Cat"? (the original one) Now there was your traditional applehead seal-point. Anybody remember that one?
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That was "The Three Lives of Thomasina" and was released by Disney when I was a kid. I had seen it only a few weeks before we got the cat, thus the name. I was and still am a sucker for cat movies! I loved "That Darn Cat" "Cat from Outer Space" and "Aristocats"!
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Hmm, my girls have "Aristocats", but I have never heard of "Cat from Outer Space", that's a new one on me.

That's right, "The three Lives of Thomasina", now I remember. I can recall crying during that movie, parts of it were sad.
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Well my baby is only 10 months old. My husband had gotten her for me at the SPCA for Christmas, which is an animal shelter. Unfourtnatly her brother and her were beaten very badly. Her brother, got the worst of it, broken legs and everything. He was a Fire-face siamese, what a beautiful kitten. But there was Missy (she is a Cholate-strait siamese), my baby girl. She is so sweet, she just let me hold her the whole time we were in there. But unfortunally it took her about a month to warm up to us and my other baby Shadow (he is four and found out today that he has mega-colon). But come to find out she loves us, especially my husband. Everywhere he goes she is right there. She is the most loving cat you would ever meet! So to reply to your answer no, not all siamese are evil! Love Valerie
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They are sweet,I love all 5 of mine!
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The crossed-eyes and the kinked tails were considered faults, but in my opinion the tradtional or Applehead Siamese were much prettier than the current standard. I don't think you can consider Siamese "evil" - they're simply a bit different, and a bit more "doglike" than "catlike". Our Siamese considered himself a Great Pyreneese - his littermate was stillborn, and his mother died right after he was born, so he was put in with a litter of puppies. He always thought he was a huge dog rather than a cat, which sometimes had us in hysterics. He never used a litterbox, did his business in the backyard, and "barked" when somebody came to the door. Our current cat is much the same way - he likes dogs, but refuses to accept other cats. His mother was an Oriental Shorthair, and his father was unknown, although the humane society suspected that he was a feral Norwegian Forest Cat. I dismissed that until I noticed that our cat continued to grow until the age of 3, and has "spats", and is much too large and long-haired for an OKH. I classify him as an "alley cat", although "owie cat" is much more fitting, since he is extremely vocal, and I've found that he is extremely "trainable". He's leashed-trained, and not at all destructive.
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I agree! The traditional Siamese are much more beautiful in my eyes!
Also, I had two kittens raised by my collies. Pixie's story is on LDG (Laurie's) rescue site. Here's a link if you want to read about her. She was so special to me.
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hey every one it's me again (formerly Ilovemy10cats)..I thought I'd share a few pics of my Aunt's FAT EVIL Siamese...u can see the evil in her eyes..*laughs*. If u are new to her, she used to run down the hall and clamp onto Grandma's leg and bite repeatedly without letting go (even when grandma shaked her leg...). Ok So now u guys remember!! Enjoy pics...I hope they show up..if not, I'll try again... Oh and I had to post the pics in 4 POSTS since they didnt fit in one attatchment. So LOOK BELOW for the others THERE SHOULD BE 4 PHOTOS.
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picture 2
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picture 4
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I merged your threads so the people could have the stories and the photographs together.
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I tried to do that earlier, but i couldnt find my original thread.
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Very cute!
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