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Help, please help.

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My cat broke her leg yesterday and they put it in a cast. She's in a lot of pain and hasn't used the restroom in over twenty four hours. She's eating and drinknig, but it hurts to much to get up and go to the restroom. I bring her and put her into her litter box, but she wont go. It can't be good that she's not using the restroom. What should I do? the vet said to wait it out and she'll get used to the pain and when she's ready, she'll use the restroom. Any other advice?
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I don't think it is a good idea to "wait it out". Is your vet a "cat person"? Some vets just don't treat cats that well.

Cats are very sensitive to negative side effects of pain killers. However there are a few that are safe for them. One is the smallest Fentanyl patch, cut into quarters I believe (regulated narcotic) and the other is buprenorphine, which is safe and effective in cats. I have had it for my cats, it is a very small amount of liquid given under the tongue 2x a day.

These are not long term treatments, but they are safe for the first 3-4 days so your kitty gets stabilized.

Good luck and I hope Zoe heals quickly. ( I have a Zoe kitty too )
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SO how should I get her to use the restroom if I shouldn't let her wait it out... She's is an extremely 'cat person' right now she's laying on my lap, and she doesn't want to be anywhere else.

Yesterday at the doctors they gave her a shot of Ketoprofen which didn't seem to help at all. And today they gave us some Buprenex Sublinguals to give her every four hours. She's been a sleep more than usual and dosn't walk around, of course, but my main concern right now is her not wanting to use the restroom.
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Ok so it is not the pain that is keeping Zoe from using the restroom. You have good pain meds for her.

My guess is that she is no sure of how to get around with the cast. Is it her hind leg that is broken? If so, it is probably preventing her from getting into what she thinks is the "proper position" to go to the bathroom.

Cats can hold their urine for a long time ( I had one hold it for two days because she refused to pee at the vets). Eventually she will no longer be able to hold it and she will pee. The risk is the same in humans of increased risk of UTI's. However I think once she urinates the first time, she will no longer try and hold it.

The bigger worry for me, is the not defecating. Cats tend to get constipated pretty easily. Plus the pain killers will also slow down the colon, just like in humans.

By the third day without pooping, I think you are going to need to do something to encourage it. Maybe some laxatone or other hairball medicine. If you can get her to eat pumpkin that is supposed to help too. I can't get my cats to eat pumpkin. I would wait on these things though until you know she is constipated, and then consult with the vet first.
Sometimes it is necessary to give an enema ( not a fun thing with a cat, I have had to do this one too. Same kitty that refuse to pee at the vets)

Feeding canned food may also help to decrease the likelyhood of constipation. It will help keep her well hydrated.

Keep good track of how long it has been since Zoe has gone to the bathroom. Most likely she urinated while sedated for casting, so you are at 24 hours or less for that. I don't know how far out you are on the pooping.

For now, make sure she is eating and drinking. If she isn't doing either of these this is cause for concern as nothing going in means nothing coming out.
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Coco has the Buprenex that is liquid and you put it on the gums. We had a Cat that broke her front Paw by the elbow years ago and it healed bent but she used the pan. Your Cat needs to go because she can get a bladder infection from not going. Coco hurt her front Paw very bad 2 years ago but used the Pan even with the terrible pain. What paw did your Cat break?
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Our Icarus broke his leg not too long ago, he was not given a cast because they were afraid his muscles would not heal properly.

We got a big dog crate and kept him in that, we also got a small litter (kitten size) box so he could easily get into it. I would try to keep your cat confinded, if the vet suggested it so Zoe can't move to much.

Sorry, I can't help more.
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Thanks kittymonsters, a lot of good information. She did indeed break her right back leg. So she probably doesn't know how to go. I will wait till the third day and then consult the Vet. Thanks a lot.
Thanks to fathom and Mews2much as well.
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That makes it harder.
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GOOD NEWS!! I took your advice and gave her wet cat food. I actually made her walk to it, and she did, which supprised me. I set it next to her litter and she ate a little bit of it. And then she went to her littler box and struggled for a little bit and then went restroom. Looks like she went pee, but that's better than nothing. When she tried getting out, she fell ontop of where she pee'd. Gross, but i'll wipe her off with a kitty-napkin. So thanks for the advice, it worked.
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I am glad she peed. How long will she need the Cast?
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Update: Ten minutes later she got back in and went poop. SHE POO'D A LOT! Haha and stunk IT UP! Haha, but I don't care, she went!!

She will get it off on the twentieth of next month. So she'll have it on for a whole month, poor kitty.
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Your welcome. I am glad I was able to provide something that helped.

Yeah Zoe! Good stinky poop!! ROFL.

Poor sweet girl that cast looks almost as big as she is! Love the photo
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