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Russian Blue/Oriental Short Hair mixes need home

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Cain and Daisy are Russian Blue/OSH mixes who really need a new home. They were adopted as kittens and returned...3 years later....because the owner was "moving". The story presented was that the family was in financial crisis which made them HAVE to move....then I find out the REAL reason they give up the cats is because they WANT to move....to California of all places (you can't be too "bad off" to move there) and the cats are "in the way" because the family just had a baby. Urrghh. But I took them back anyway. I made a commitment...even if it means that now 3 years later the owners can just walk away from all their responsibilities and promises for no reason at all. Sure....just dump them on the "rescue".

Cain is a HUGE (tall) boy, long and lean like the OSH, with HUGE ears and a very elongated face. Looks stunning in person. Deep blue in color with a very plush coat.

Daisy is a blue/cream torti girl with a very odd face...reminds me a bit of a bobcat the way it is shaped.

These guys are beautiful in person.

Pictures can be seen at http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/dis...petid=10913368.

If anybody is intrested in adopting them please let me know. I have 7 cats already and a landloard who doesn't know I have ANY. I really really need to get these guys placed as soon as possible.
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I would take them if I lived closer and had a House. I can not have any more Cats here because the landlord will not allow them. We are buying a House as soon as we see a good one. I have Russian Blue Mixes and lovelike it out h them. Its not cheap living in Calif. They may not like it here.
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That is just mean. Pets get attached to us. 3 years later?! Weird.
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Beautiful cats. I hope hey find their forever homes, quick.

They are called Cain and Daisy in the title, but in the body they are called Cain and Patches.
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Grrrrrr!!! That just makes me soooo mad!! People are lame!
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Sorry their names were Bubba and Patches on the original adoption paperwork...I think patches just stuck in my head when I was writing the bio lol. I will have to go and re-write that.
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