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Aggressive dog tests

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What sort of tests would you put a dog through that you were considering getting?
Ex: Getting them playful and excited over a toy and trying to take it away, or feeding them and putting your hand in their food. This is a dog that doesn’t know you all that well (Shelter Dog)

Thanks all!
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Honest answer? I would hope that the shelter would do that.
If you go as a total stranger to the dog and try to give it something and take it away or do things like put your hand in their food (sounds like the Sternberg assess-a-pet test, which even her OWN dogs couldn't pass) there is a good chance you could provoke a dog into resource guarding who has no issues at all. Shelter dogs are often stressed as it is.
Where I adopted my puppy they had a room kind of like a living room where you could sit and interact with the dog. Thing is, the dog was so excited over all the smells from the other dogs who had been in the room, it made it hard to get a good picture.
So I think I would ask to go for a walk while one of the shelter staff is holding the leash. You will get a chance to see how the dog is with someone familiar.
And I'd try to play with the dog, but I def wouldn't put my hand in its food dish.
Sorry if this wasn't too much help! This might be 'more than you wanted to know' but then again you might find it helpful:
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I guess I should explain more of the situation. The dog is a pitt bull, so she is naturally sweet, quiet and great with people. We have walked her 3 times a week for 2 weeks so she somewhat knows us. The shelter did do tests but they were 6 months ago when she first entered the shelter and all the notes read “really distracted, so not sure about this or thatâ€

I figured it was a long shot but I thought maybe there was something small we can do just to test it out instead of bringing her home and finding out in surprise when we are feeding her or playing with her lol. I guess its all chance. She so sweet though so I am sure we have nothing to worry about.
post #4 of 9's going to depend. Because dogs react differently to different people like men vs. women/adults vs. kids. I try to get a feel for dogs by running with them in the yard, take toys away, offer them treats, tug ears/tails (kid test, we didn't do this once & a kid almost bit the kid).
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If you've already been walking her that's worth a lot.
Will they let you bring a toy and play with her while you're on a walk?
Can you find out how she is with other dogs?
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has she been with cats at the shelter? That would be a main concern for me,. How does she react to small animals when you walk her? (I assume you have cats)
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My cats of course are my first thoughts. Test said “interested, but easily distracted†from walking her that seems to be her demeanor for everything she see’s. The staff there said they will do another cat test. So I’m not worried about the cats, it is my first concern. It’s just been so long since I’ve picked a dog. I’ve had dogs all my life and a ton of experience with dogs in my lifetime but it’s been awhile for me… So I want to get all the information on this subject as I can and merge it with what I know myself. Lots of thoughts are better than just my own and I appreciate your responses.

We walked her today and I made it a point to pull her ears, I pinched her bum, pulled her tail and gave her serious head cuddles where I just grabbed her out of the blue and gave her kisses in a headlock (ya, dumb I know lol but she’s irresistible) She just looked at me like “yey attention! But your annoying!†Lol.

So I guess it’s just luck of the draw, you will never really know until they get home. My fear is to bring her home and have to bring her back, so I want to do everything I can to prevent that. Would break my heart to give her hope, just to bring her back.
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I think I understand what you mean.
I was so nervous when we got our second dog-like would dog #1 accept a second dog? Or would I have to bring the poor second dog back if it didn't work out? If you know dogs then I think you can go with your gut. Shelter dogs are always a crap shoot but I wouldn't have it any other way.
I really hope it works out for you!
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Ya LOL I think you hit it right on. I’m so scared and so insecure about this whole situation I guess I’m just researching everything to death on something that will never be able to be answered lol. Oh well, we’ve done what we had to do, we’ve researched the breed, we planned how we are going to get her settled. I guess thats all I can do at the moment.

Thanks for all of your help guys =).
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