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One of our fosters just called me sobbing. A little Rat Terrier she was fostering was hit by a car this morning, she had just got done euthanizing her.

Speckles, my little Speck were so scared at the shelter. Lori took you home & loved you sooo much, you were so happy & relaxed. Farm to run & play on with her little dog & big dog, you were part of her family.

I'm sorry it ended this way, my girl....I'm sorry no one wanted you for months.

None of us will ever forget you.

You were such a food hound, every time I got lunch before coming to the shelter we'd share. For how much people food you got, you were such a skinny little thing.
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RIP Girl
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So sorry about the Dog. She sure was Cute.
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She was such a Beautiful Girl. Rest in Peace Speckles.
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The poor baby, she's cute as well Nat

Have fun at the bridge pumpkin

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There are no cars to hurt you over the Bridge sweetie pie.
Rest in peace little Speckles.
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rest in peace little girl.whitecatlover i fell so sorry for you.
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AWWW!! So sad.

Why was the dog close to the road? I never ever ever let my pets loose...that scares me too much.
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Iยดm so sorry for her......
RIP to her...
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Godspeed over RB, Speckles. You were so cute- I am sorry that you didn't get the wonderful life that you deserved, but at least you found real human beings who truly loved you and wanted an awesome home for you. Heaven will truly appreciate you, though, so play happily over RB
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