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This is SO gross!

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This is what would happen, if we hadn't cut a kitty hatch, into the laundry room door:
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OMG! That's so nasty! It really makes you wondering if you want to "kiss" from your Pooch!
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Bad dog, go away!!!!! Eeeeeeeewwwww!!!!!!!!
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SEE why I don't like doggie smooches?
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it's a real shame I have to say this... but they're preaching to the choir in my house! I was "assigned" to the task of getting freshly used (and consumed) cat litter out of my dog's mouth and teeth! EWWWWWW! A lovely grey paste that glued itself to everything it touched.
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That's right, folks! Doggie after-dinner mints at a litterbox near you!

The only thing grosser than that was when we took the dogs camping last fall and on the way up Sophia got car sick and hurled partially digested cat poop all over the back seat of the trooper. I thought I was going to puke too. I haven't smelled anything that bad since a bear did his business outside my tent at Yosemite. Ohmygawd.

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ewwwwwwwwwww misty always tries to get in to the kitty litter but we have it so she can't :LOL: eww that is sooo nasty!
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Ewwwwwww indeed!
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Icky Icky Icky
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I think I've maybe posted this before - but it was so appropriate that I couldn't resist! Luckily though, she's just looking for the actual kitty, not the kitty "treats"! Bella's never showed an interest in that and I'm especially thankful after seeing the animation video!

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Some friends of mine have 2 dogs and 3 cats. They built a wooden enclosure over the litter boxes. Now I see why.
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Don't you just hate when that happens!
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We keep the litter boxes in the laundry room. We had no problem, until Ike came along. Bill cut a "kitty hatch" in a lower corner and that works, just fine. It also gives Rowdy another place to lurk.
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My ex- roomate's dog Toto used to eat kitty litter all the time... Even after Mine and my roomate's "kid" had used it
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Mark read somewhere, that dogs consider cat waste to be toxic and they eat it, to protect us. I find it hard to ascribe such altruistic motives, to a dog. I've seen dogs, who eat their own, too.
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That reminds me of how the kittys will eat each others vomit. (SORRY) but one good gross out deserves another.:blossom:
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That was too funny:laughing2
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