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Man Killed by Butter Knife

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This sounds ridiculous, but it's tragically true. A grandfather was putting a crib together for his grandchild, and was using a serrated butter knife as a screwdriver. I do that all the time; I think most of us do. Well, he fell. The butter knife stabbed him in the throat and killed him. This just happened today in the Pittsburgh area. I was shocked!
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Oh, how horrible!!!
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Isn't that rather scary? I can't count how many times I've done that! Heck, I would have thought a butter knife would have been safer than a screw driver...at least for me anyway. I'm rather clutsy and not very handy when it comes to using tools.

I feel bad that man and his family. It's such a strange way to die.
Thanks for sharing that story...
(Mental note to self: Don't use a butter knife for anything but buttering your bread!)
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My dad is right: always use the right tool for the job!
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Wow, that is terrible! I wouldn´t believe that butterknive could be that dangerous! But I guess many innocent things could get dangerous if you fall on them...
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Awww... that's so sad.
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I doubt he'd have fared any better using a screwdriver. Sounds like Darwin Award time...though he already added to the gene pool, so it is a little late.

Question: A serrated butter knife? I've never seen a butter knife that was serrated. The butter knives that I am familiar with are kind of a funny shape: three dull edges and a pointy tip at the top left. Unless you are refering to a table knife, perhaps? Just a thought...

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awww that is so horrible
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How sad!
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What a tragic accident. The poor Mum every time she goes to the crib she will think of that. How awful for her. I would have to sell it I think.
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I will add the family to my prayers.
I don't know if I would be able to give up something my parent died trying to put together for me. It would be one of the last things they touched. Now I might have to get rid of all the table knives I owned...
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