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kitty with bad diahrrea - update

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My poor kitty!
Sun, I took peanut back to the ER, got fluids, and a strong treatment of meds to wipe out all the wormies. He was lethargic (had a stressful day, too) and still lots of runny, squirty, (sorry) diahrrea. Called the vet early this morning, monday, and she told me to bring Peanut and his "brother" in for a look-see. They cannot figure out what is wrong with him! She has him on fluids, gave him a shot to help with diahrrea and is keeping him and Turbo (got them both at the same time, but Turbo just has very mild diahrrea) overnight for observation.
I hope they can treat him, even though I have only had them a week I absolutly love them! I even slept on the couch with them both sleeping on my chest because my hubby couldn't stand them crawling all over him (I love it!!). Anyway, I can't think of anything I did wrong - i used the same food as the vet, spent countless hours playing and hugging - and I don't know what is going on! I will keep you posted, thanks for asking. Hopefully I will know more tomorrow!
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Ohhh Feleciac, this has nothing to do with anything you did (or didn't do) for your cats! You sound like you take excellent care of them. I sure hope they find out what is wrong, or that the problem gets better on it's own.
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Yes, you are certainly doing your best. If the vet are not sure what it is you may want to see another vet for a second opinion (as if they can refer you to a specialist).

Please let us know how it goes (and please post as a reply to this thread - it makes it a lot easier to follow).
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