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white carpets and pets, who has them?

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For the last 4 years or so I have moved about 5 times, each house had hardwood floors or marble.

I just moved yet agian and now I have white carpets, not throughout the whole house but most. I have 5 dogs and 1 cat. As of now the dogs and cat are only allowed in one room that has the white carpets, the family room where we watch tv. I got some dog gates and blocked off the big living room and dining room, and when I leave the house, I block off the family room too. Im so paranoid about the carpets getting messed up.

Im wondering what other people with white carpets do.
Is there a product out there that can clean up dirty paw prints, or clean traffic areas?
I saw this commercial the other day for the Woolite Rug Stick ( i think thats the name) any way it looked liked it could really do the trick, anyone ever use it?

I'd like to be able to eventually let the dogs hangout in the other rooms too, but for now Im too nervous about possible accidents,vomitting, and dirty paws. Not that my dogs vomit or have accidnets a lot, you just never know, dogs will be dogs and when you dont want them to do something, they always seem to manage to do it.

So how do you guys manage?
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Our last apartment, where we lived for 3+ yrs, had the typical beige carpet that they put in rentals. And one other apartment we rented had the same. I have 2 words for you: Carpet Cleaner. We have an upright and a smaller spot cleaner.
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I have a large cream shag pile rug in the livingroom and light beige carpets in my bedroom and the spare room, but my cats are indoors so i just have the fur, but that's where the Dyson Animal does it's job
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I second the suggestion about a carpet cleaner.

Some years ago I bought myself a Koblenze Cleaning Machine and I do not regret it for a second.

You fill the cannister with water and rug shampoo to shampoo your carpets, or with floor cleaning solution to scour your floors for heavy duty cleaning. You can also apply paste wax with the scrubbing brushes.

The nice thing is that you don't have to empty the cannister each time. So it's great to pull out and do spot cleaning. No more difficult than pulling out your vacuum and plugging it in.
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I have ivory colored carpet. I have it professionally cleaned about every other spring. Between times, the best spot cleaner I've ever found is called "Spot Shot." I prefer the aerosol for the carpets, but I use the non-aerosol version of it for a laundry spot treatment. It's WONDERFUL!!! It even did the trick when all three cats had giardia, and had bloody diarrhea all over the carpeting!!! Of course, I had to have the carpets professionally cleaned when they were cured....just because of the "ick" factor!
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I use oxyclean, seems to work well.
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Not white, but how about light beige and a husband who didn't listen when I said "No boots on the new carpet". It had barely been down a week when he tromped through in his boots and left a dirty motor grease trail. Plain old dawn dish soap got it out!
Cats are the least of my worries when people can leave much worse stains.
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Folex. I swear by this stuff. We have typical rental beige in our current place, but in the last one, it was all white, except for the tile in the kitchen, and I had a landlord who would have taken it out of my hide if there had been a single spot left. He didn't get that pleasure, no thanks to Shasta.
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We're getting "Herringbone" colored carpet for our house. It was neutral, but darker than the cream colors. We know our kittens love to track their muddy feet into the house, as well as DH and his greasy shoes from work!
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We have off white carpeting everywhere, and I 've given up! The second day after getting this brand new carpet it was dirty from installing a new toilet. The Bissel Green Clean is pretty good at removing small spots.
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When we moved into this house, it had (and still does) cream colored carpet in two rooms and light blue carpet in the hallway and dining room. The Bissel little green carpet cleaner is great for all those cat hairballs, or spilt drinks. I think that we might get his moms big steam cleaner to clean the carpets this summer just so they don't end up looking dingy..
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