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Daily Thread TGIF May 23rd!

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FRIDAY! I have a ton of stuff going on this weekend. I am going for a walk in the park with a friend after work tonight. Tomorrow, I am going wedding dress shopping!! Not buying anything yet, just getting my eye on what I'm going to like.

Tomorrow night a friend is having me over for dinner. Sunday is my neices birthday party at McDonalds with her little friends I am going to join in for that

Its supposed to be a beautiful sunny weekend, so I am glad I have some plans.

Anyway, have a great day folks!
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Oh my gosh Nat!! Wedding dress shopping (even if it's window shopping) is so much fun

I'm going to visit my parents today, and my friend & her baby

Have a great Friday all!
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Friday at last!!!! I've just bought some pretty little led lights in the shape of stars that you just switch on and put where you want. They change several different colours so i think i'll dot them around in the conservatory.

I'll do a bit retail therapy tomorrow, then relax with the kids for the weekend, but i'll probably pop up to see my friend Pam

Oh and we have a public holiday in the UK on Monday
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Retail therapy sounds like fun Susan

I must admit, I did a spur of the moment purchase last night a new cat tree for the kids
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Awwwww and do they love it Tracy?.
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They aren't sure what to make of it yet. Molly has sat on each of the perches but only for a couple of minutes. I'm going to rub catnip on it to help them get used to it
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I'm working today and volunteered to work tomorrow too. I need the over time because I am moving the first part of July. Not far... just to a garden level apartment in my same complex. I'm currently on the third floor and with the arthritis in my knees and my recent fall, my doctor told me I needed to get a lower level or ground floor apartment. Ugggh! I hate moving!

Church Sunday and maybe a photography outing. I bought myself a new digital SLR 10 MP and just got it this week! I'm dying to get out and try it out!

Retail therapy sounds great, Susan! None for me though! I shot my wad with the $800 camera! Have fun with that though!
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Susan, I wish I lived near you..I would love all that retail therapy
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Morning All!!!!

Boy all this talk of retail therapy has gotten me thinking and today's pay day not a good combo

The weather however is having a dampening affect, still chilly and wet.

Heading off to work shortly, nothing to pressing to take care of today just end of week stuff and schedules.

My sister is suppose to stop by later so maybe we'll just have to go for coffee to break up the workday.

Kitties are good this morning. All lined up along the back of the couch giving me evil stares right now..Not sure what I did but it would seem I committed some sort of breech of kitty etiquette.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning. Nice and sunny here. Today we have MERRY MAIDS coming in to clean, tomorrow we get our haircut and will run a few errands, Sunday we'll probably go to Church and then out to lunch.
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I am going to visit places to have the wedding/reception today. I have 3 different places to see by 4pm today.

I probably wont be able to pay the deposit though because both of our paycheques got messed up this week. Mine is missing 6 hours (about $55) and Mikes is missing about $100. They picked the wrong week to mess up BOTH of our pays. I might not get the place I want now because of this.
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Hey peeps! Had a good day so far here, been at work already this morning and now resting at home until this evening...a friend of mine is taking me out to celebrate my 22nd Birthday! (it's today!)
May hit one of the nightclubs or something..not really sure what she has got planned, but I will find out later!

Hope you all have a good one!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Susan, I wish I lived near you..I would love all that retail therapy
Coffee stop first though Nat before we hit the shops
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