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Male Kitten Always Favors Elder Female Cat's Spots

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Hi everyone...

My wife & I are new here and we have searched around such topic and really couldn't find an answer. So we thought of sharing the situation we're observing in our home with you to get your feedback & opinion about what's going on.

Porsha, almost 7-year-old female cat, has her favorite spots around the house where she simply just lays down and relax or sleep in it. Mesho, 6-month-old male kitten (not fixed yet), keeps preferring those spots that Porsha likes. Sometimes, he even pushes her to move away to take that spot. Other times, he waits for her to leave, and then tries hard to reach those spots and stay in them for a while. (especially high spots).

What is Mesho trying to do? Is he trying to dominate her presence? Is it love? We're not sure what it is but we're quite sure Porsha hates it alot because she keeps hessing at him whenever he does that but she never hit or hurt him.

Thanks in advance everyone
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First I'd like to say welcome to the site!!

I'm sure your youngest kitty is thinking that if Porsha lays there it must be a great place to be From the sounds of it, she's trying to teach him proper etiquette by hissing at him and telling him it's not ok and she needs her space
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That's pretty normal. It is the two of them trying to work out dominance, most likely. You don't really need to intervene... they'll sort it out.

Once your male cat is fixed, he may be less aggressive about it. It would be a good idea to do that now, since he's six months and male cats start spraying if not fixed.

I know of another older female, male kitten pair, and he pushes her out of the way to eat and sit. Though she doesn't seem to mind... she essentially adopted him as her own. I wonder if this is just normal behavior between mother cats and their offspring.
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Forrest our male does the same thing with Lilly. He always wants to be where she is, do what she is doing, eat what shes eating....etc. He's is just like an annoying little brother who will not leave his older sibling alone. She will hiss at him when she does not want to move from her spot or give up her toy.

Forrest will be one year old tomorrow on the 24th, but he has been this way with Lilly (who is almost 5 years old) since we adopted him at 4 months of age.

Unless your two are really fighting I think they are doing fine.

Welcome to TCS
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