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Best Vacuum for pet hair?

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We have a very very old vacuum, and I don't think it's picking up much. Next year we're getting married and I hope to get a new vacuum as one of our wedding presents.

What is a really good bagless vacuum that's not terribly expensive, but does a fantastic job at getting rid of all the cat hair?
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Dyson. It is scary how much stuff live in our rugs.
You can try to find a refurbished one for cheap or check eBay.
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Dysons are the best...

I have had a dyson for like 6 years, but it gets used 2-3 times per day, picking up hair ect... We should tell people no shoes...

When our dyson packed up, we had a limit of £200 and the dyson we wanted was about £350

We got laminated flooring. and you can tell the difference. when we sweep the floors you get all the crap, and you save of the electricity aswell. We wash the floors every week, and sweep them every day.

The dyson that we highly recommend.

Good luck
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Just curious and I wanted to see what they were going for on Ebay. Dyson Animals range from $270-400 on the front page, most have free shipping.

But then there is this one:

Great deal if you want an Animal it looks like! Too bad I don't have any extra money or I would buy it!
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DC - 07 is not recommended for pet hair by my neighbours... they got one, and say its rubish for dog hair... took it back to the store and got the one i recommended... the DC - 23 animal
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Well bummer! I just did a quick search and a first page browse.

Still, $250-400 is much cheaper than retail price for a Dyson, and many have warranties on ebay.
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Yeah, I was thinking that Dyson would get the most thumbs up by everyone...I've just never tried one. Maybe it's a good idea to ask stores if you can test them first. Are they very loud? I've never had a really nice vacuum.
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Dyson, definitely. Mine is quieter than any other vacuum I've used.

I don't use the "animal" attachment (for fabric-covered furniture) very much, and that's really all that distinguishes the Animal model from similar, cheaper Dyson models. Plus you can buy the "animal" attachment separately if you decide you want it later.
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We are buying a Dyson Animal, I'm not sure which one yet though. They are expensive but my SO is fed up with hair on everything (especially from Matilda, who is long-haired, but Chloe has medium hair and that doesn't help either). It will be worth the $$$ just so I don't have to listen to him complaining about hair
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I have a Dyson Animal. I think it's DC-14. I would definatly go with Dyson Animal. I believe the DC 23 is the Animal Complete. I am happy with mine, and it was on sale when I bought it, I believe I paid right around $400.
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I don't plan on using many if any attachments, so just the reg. vacuum part suction is all that matters to me. Anybody like the Bissels?
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Bissells were okay to me until I got the Dyson.
My Dyson is much lighter than the Bissell was.
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I just used my Dyson canister vac for the first time last night I've got light colored (new) shag carpet, which I plan to replace with hardwood in a year or so. I can't believe all the crap I got out of my living room carpet! The powerhead works very well on carpet. It is also surprisingly quiet. Yes, it was painful to fork over $450 for a vacuum, but so far, I am very impressed.

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I have a Bissel andit works great ... lol, i have actually had it for a few years... it is the Bissell Oceanview Bagless... it has helped greatly with my asthma... but i do admit i have dreams of the Dyson Animal someday... lol, and a piggy bank dedicated to it...
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Dyson Animal!. Every thursday when i vacuum i gain another cat
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Dyson Animal!. Every thursday when i vacuum i gain another cat
Me too. If I don't vacuum for a week I have to empty the canister twice. (that is what I get for 4 cats in 400 sq feet But I'll take the hair over the thought of living without them!)
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I don't know which Dyson we have at work (vet clinic), but I'm not terribly impressed with it.

I actually prefer my Dirt Devil Vibe. It was about $70 and has been going strong for over a year now, with two large cats and one very furry Pekingese. The kittens are still too small to contribute much to the tumbleweeds of fur.
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Hubby and I got the Dyson DC17 Animal
We vacuum the entire house once a week (750 sq ft)
With My hubby, myself, and two torties (We don't wear shoes inside)
This is what we get every week

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I cringe at the thought of whats in my carpet now that ive seen a pic of the dysone dc17!
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