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What do your dogs do?

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So I love obedience, agility, and rally...fortunately I have a dog who enjoys to learn as well... so we do all these for fun, as well as in fun matches, and soon regular matches, so I can get her titles.

I also enjoy having dogs who are good in the public, so I also do Therapy Dog, and Canine good citizen (test) with them.

No couch potatoes in my home...Lol! I love going to training classes with my girl, and currently we are working on Utility skills...although not sure if we will get all the way to that level for showing...but it's still fun, especially when you can give a hand signal to your dog from a ways away and she obeys...people tend to look like "what the? I wish my dog could do that!" Haha

I also love teaching actual tricks, along with all the obedience and agility stuff...roll over, shake, high fives, get the light (turn it on\\off), balancing a treat on the nose, are all on my dog's trick reproitoire...

So what do your dog's do for a 'living'? Besides being a pampered pet, obviously...Lol!
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Bear is a lazy bum
He's a great watch dog though, just the thing for a woman living alone.
He's also a great cuddler.
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My Australian Shepherd, Fosters is currently being trained to be a Search and Rescue all of the fun things that go along with that- intensive agility, barrel searches in the woods, rubble piles, etc. It's non stop but totally fun! We're still pretty new to the SAR training so we're just enjoying it a little at a time- when we don't train in the field- we train every single day at home- even if it's just drill commands/etc - these dogs have to be extremly well disciplined, you don't want them to regress in an emergency. I love it- i like having active dogs and he's definitely a crazy crazy Aussie!

I will likely be getting another Australian Shepherd in the future as well to train for SAR if Fosters is unable to qualify (which i don't think will be a problem though!) or whenever he retires if we get him certified. I like a good working dog.

My Carolina dog Whiskey is considerably older- so he's not quite as active as Fosters. He is still pretty playful though- every day we go for long walks/runs to keep him in good shape and we also do at least a half hour to an hour of fetch and basic commands every day.

Anything my dogs want- they have to earn it first....if they want a treat- they have to do a command, if they want to go for a walk- they have to do a short drill first ...etc.....This keeps them well disciplined especially since they're both large active guys! They both love a challenge!
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Macey holds the couch down. Obsessive Compulsive Coco fetches like mad.

Izzy is the guard dog. She'll attack anyone who sets foot in the house.

Izzy is a Bichon. Macey a Lab/German Shorthaired Pointer. Coco is a Lab.
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We just started back with agility lessons for Keno for the summer. Where do you do your agility?
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Macey holds the couch down.
Thor doesn't do much other than play with the cats and do a few ticks. His favorite is dance

I wish he was more of a people person though! He doesn't like strangers unless they have a dog. On walks everyone wants to pet "the cute little puppy" but he's terrified of them and I'm worried someday he might nip someone!
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Thunder, my German Shepherd is my best friend and my partner. He's always with me, and is an excellent helper no matter what I'm doing. He helps me feed horses every morning as well. When I worked for animal control a few years ago he always helped me with that too. I could send him into tight spots that I wouldn't fit in to pull out a tiny puppy or kitten that I couldn't reach or I could get him out of the truck and he could lure even the shyest dog to me. I never put him in danger or asked him to help catch an agressive animal though. Now he helps raise the foster kittens and helps to keep his canine brothers and sisters in line!

Ava is quickly following in Thunder's shoes. She is almost exactly like he was at that age. She has the potential to be my search and rescue dog that I've always wanted. But I'm definitely going to do something with her.

I've done agility and obedience with Sammy but not very seriously. He's excellent at both though, especially the agility, and I'd love to get back into it with him.

Scooter is good at being a brat . He definitely needs a job to do but not sure what yet. Maybe tracking, he'd do great at that.

Juno is the little princess. She's an excellent toy destroyer and is great at picking on her brothers and sisters. Beyond that, I don't know if she'll ever have a "job" other than just being cute.

Marley is good at holding down the bed. He has no interest in ANYTHING remotely physical.
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Ebony just earned her Companion Dog (CD) title in April. She has two legs toward her Rally Novice (RN) title too! She already has her CGC.
We have started Rally Advanced/Excellent classes and Open Obed classes. She is an amazing working dog (as she should be!) and is an absolute joy to work with!
We will also be training toward her Water Dog (WD) and Water Rescue Dog (WRD) titles. Those titles are through the Newfoundland Club of America. We hope to test this summer!! Since we live in the boonies we are looking at a 1400 mile drive round-trip for the test, but there is nothing like seeing a Newf working in the water!!! They are so happy in their element!
We are also doing some light training toward her Draft Dog (DD) title, also through the NCA.

She still gets to be a couch potato, but we are doing quite a bit of training! I believe that a dog should be given the opportunity to do what it was originally bred to do and since Ebony is a working dog she loves to work and I enjoy finding new activities to keep her mind happy!
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Mine are both certified Therapy Dogs. I go with both of them to the county nursing home once a month, and Zircon and I do visits at an adult day services facility run by the hospital in the town where I work. Both of my dogs have great dispositions for this - very calm. I've also trained Zircon to obey an unusual command: "Go say hi."
Therapy dogs aren't supposed to approach anyone who does not want to be approached or who might be allergic. So the patients / residents / clients have to hold out their hand as a sign that they want the dog to come to them. But I also have to give the dog permission to react to the outstretched hand, so the command is "go say hi." It comes in real handy for people who dont have much motor coordination as all they need to be able to to is move their fingers.
Once Zircon has responded, Sophia will follow his lead, so the patients get to pet boths of them.
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Wow, you all have such amazing dogs! I'm quickly turning in to cat person, but I think this is why dogs will always have a special place in my heart. Some how I doubt I can train my cat Evie to be my SAR partner!

I have two dogs now. One, P-Chan, has always been mine and so does a lot more. My other, Sheba, I inherited from my Grandma when she died, and she was already old, so she basically only does obedeince.

P-Chan (Peach) does basic obedience, some tricks, agility, Canine Good Citizen, and SAR (Search and Rescue). Ok, techinically, since she's 10 soon, she's retired from SAR, but we still do the training just the two of us! Basically everything StarryEyedTiger listed is what we do. Except instead of barrel searches in the woods, they're area searches with people burried in ravines or trees! We also have experience in disaster searches, water searches, and cadaver searches, so I like to keep her up on those, though we'll never be certified.

I'm looking forward to getting my next dog to train for SAR! But until then, I enjoy our not-professional trainings just the two of us (and a "victim"!).
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I love dog sports, but unfortunately my dogs both now have arthritis and other problems so we can't do most of them anymore... My terrier Pooch would have been great at agility and flyball except he has severe hip dysplasia so he couldn't do most things. He did get to take a flyball class before he was diagnosed with HD and he did great... He's also gotten to try a few dog sports at the dog camps we've been to but we just kept them lower impact than they normally would be.

My Golden used to take classes in obedience (Novice AKC level), agility, flyball, etc and has also trained in carting, freestyle, and a little rally and done some lure coursing as well. She used to compete in the Classic K9 Show/NADRA agility. Then she developed bridging spinal spondylosis and arthritis so we had to stop. She is still a therapy dog, we belong to 3 animal-assisted therapy organizations. We are "on leave" now because she had surgery earlier this year (bloat/GDV) but normally we go to the hospital weekly for our AAT program where we help patients with physical therapy under the supervision of their physical therapists; and in the summer we do literacy programs with another organization where kids read to the dogs. Both my dogs also have done the ATTS temperament test. Oh yeah, Ginger is also a Dog Scout and has quite a few badges in various activities.

I've been thinking of doing some tracking with one or both dogs since that does no involve any jumping or lots of running, but I haven't decided on that one yet.
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Gigi is trained by advanced obedience , some agility( no longer since she is 12 and has cushings// she was learning to be a therapy dog when the cushings hit so now she is the HOUSE boss and disciplinarian... anyone doing naughty in the house she yells at them and find s me .. she would have been a great earth dog ... she gets the mail and alerts to phone and doorbell calls

Ben is learning how to be a house dog /// learning obedience basic and intermediate he has down in only 2.5 months... working on advanced ... He has a NEW job I never thought of for a hound ... CAT nanny ... lol.. he plays with , bathes , and keeps after my 6 month old kitten Sylvester...
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Piper, my 4 year old rottie is keeper of the cats,lol.

We were going to train him for a therapy dog, but decided to just let him be the housedog he wants to,lol.

he keeps his bed warm for Bear (orange tiger kitty). They are best friends. He lets me know when the litter boxes are being used too, tho i can do without that info,lol

He is such the sweetest dog! He loves EVERYONE, great and small. He will get on his belly to play with pups or kittens, and is so calm with scared or stressed dogs.

One time in PetSmart, we were in line to get his rabies shot through the clinic. In front of us was a beautiful rotte female and a HUGE pitt. The female was playing with piper, and all the sudden the pitt lunged and BIT piper! I was like oh man, what now? But Piper, ever the gentleman, jsut looked at me, winced, and sat down. Not a bark, not a growl, NOTHING, i was amazed.

Come to find out Piper wasent the frist or last dog that pitt bit. I felt sorry for the dog actually. The guy had the poor thing on a chain with HUGE links, and i got the feeling that he wasent a indoor or well treated dog. Piper has the lap of lux, in the house all the time except for exercise and bathroom duties.
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umm besides being lazy?

Rocky is very protective out of all 5 dogs towards us so is Buster. he is fun to play with!

Jenny her job is being stubborn but the most loving dog too and she's my best friend.

Ginger her job is snarling her teeth at Buster. she hates him.

Buster is the ultimate couch potato and VERY protective of us!

Rudy is the dork out of all of them of course he's a pup!

I was gonna do agility with Jenny when she was younger but she has hip dysplasia. I would do agility w/ Rudy but he isnt gonna get any bigger plus he's a baby about everything.

someday I will have a dog that will do agility. and possibly be a therapy dog!

Jenny was fun to train in 4-H when she was a puppy though. so basically my dogs are lazy except Rudy! I would love to adopt an energetic dog when I get my own place so I can do everything under the sun with them. probably an older more mature dog. this puppy thing is too much but its worth it I suppose. :p
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Toby goes to work with me and greets people all day long. He also follows along as I move the books to the buildings and shelf them. When we are at home, his self appointed job is to keep Olivia out of trouble. He is very good at digging holes when we are gardening.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
We just started back with agility lessons for Keno for the summer. Where do you do your agility?
I do training classes at a pet supply store about 20 minutes from my house; they have everything there, although I am going to do a Rally class at a different supply store when they get one going...
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