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I am desperately looking for any help I can get doing a TNR on two ferals that live here at the RV park.

Those of us that volunteer here at the park would love for them to stay as they keep the ground squirrels in check, which in turn keeps the snakes in check.

I am jobless and everyone else here is retired or otherwise on fixed income.

We can't call our local animal control, because they'd just destroy them, but these poor girls keep having babies which have yet to make it to adulthood due to predators.

I have just captured the current kittens and have homes lined up for all but one.

Does anyone know of any group willing to come to remote Needles, CA for just two ferals?
Or loan us the traps and help with spaying?
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well, i'm a little far to loan traps... but check here for low-cost spay/neuter!
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Here are some resources to start with.




You can rent traps from feed stored usually.
Do you have a vet in mind?
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Check with your local vets. They are usually willing to loan out traps if they have them for little or no cost. Some vets are also willing to give low cost spay and neuter as well as vaccines. Also, if you have a small local pet store (they usually seem more willing) they might have a board of volunteers or know people that can help. I live in a rural area and we have shelters for dogs only here so these are the resources I use. Our sheriff department also keeps a couple of traps on a loaner basis, yours might too.
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