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OMG... what just happened... (graphic)

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Was probably the most funniest yet grossest, most oxward thing to happen!!!

So im sitting at my desk reading peoples replies on my Vet Visit post (just 10min ago)... when at the corner of my eye I se Kumar all hunched over.. kinda.. he was POOPIN!!!
Well im trying to train him to Poop outside... he asks to Pee outside just fine but he, for some reason, wont ask to Poop outside... so the first thing I do it jump up, tap on his head to let him know im there, I grabbed the leash (he had by then stopped Pooping but was still in mid hunch) and while in mid hunch I walk him out my bedroom to the stairs where I had to pick him up and carry him down the stairs.. meanwhile hes STILL in mid hunch!!
My mom happened to be walking by the stairs and asks "Whats wrong?" and as im trying not to burst out laughing I say "Move the baby gate! he's in mid Poop!!"

She then (while on the phone) cracks up laughing and moves the gate (it was set at the end of the stairs cuz the puppies are downstairs) and I asked my mom to open the front door also and as she turns to pull the door open she noticed the Poop sticking out of Kumar's Bottom... sorry to be so graphic.. but theres not other way to put it.
So I finally get Kumar outside to "Finnish" his business.. and couldnt help but laugh at myself.. over what just happened!!.. and share it with you.

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OH MY GOODNESS!!!! What a naughty dog

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Nothing will stop a dog mid poop... not even being relocated.
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Good job! That's what I call catching them in the act!
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I told my Boss about it today and she couldnt stop laughing!!
Its like sooo gross.. but super funny at the same time... lol weird!
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