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CUTENESS warning, kitten pictures

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hope this one works. this was when I was weighing him

can you find the baby???? heehee this is where he likes to nurse....

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Natalie [whitecatlover] is going to LOVE him!
so, how much did he weigh?
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Awwww, he's adorable!
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well that wasn't the best scale but only one I could fine (didn't think of a postage one. DUH! LOL) but he was 4 oz exactly. at birth he was just under 4 oz (they said 110G so he gained almost 4G which the vets said was good)
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What a cute little snugglebug
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He's gonna be one fat little kitten! But please keep an eye on mom - without a few kittens to nurse she could run into trouble with too much milk and wind up with mastitus which means infections and then the kitten cannot nurse.
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Goldenkitty--- thanks for the advice. I had actually called the vets today about him only nursing from the top 4 nipples and how the other ones are soooooo full. they told me to do warm compresses and try to see if I could milk any out to help her out but also keep up some of her supply JIC he chooses to nurse on them at a later time. I think alot of it is that there is NO fur there. the top 4 have fur and he nuzzles in there. if I try to get him on the bottom ones (they also told me to try this but he is fiesty and stubborn! LOL) he moves way up to where there is fur and starts searching or down to her legs and starts searching. so hoping once her fur starts comming back he will use all the nipples and she will adjust to what he drinks. but I am keeping a close eye on her.

are the signs of mastitis the same in cats as in humans? red and warm to the touch? also a fever but I wouldn't notice that.
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I believe so, you'll have to look it up online.
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ok thanks. I did the warm compresses tonight and it went down quite a bit so that is good. he was down there licking but then chose to head back up to his top nipples. I think he just likes to snuggle with mommy when eating. LOL

Ok Angel has not used the litter box as far as I can tell since she has been home..... (last night around 9:30) so about 24 hrs. I changed it this morning and nothing in there since then, but just dumped it before that and didn't think to look...... She has only eaten when I put some canned food in the box with her and I gave her some KMR that they had made up for the baby if he needed it (which he didn't so gave it to her) and she drank a bit of that, but hasn't been out of the box besides to snuggle with me last night......

how long does it normally take before they leave them for a few to eat and go potty???? She ate about 1/2-3/4 of a can of food (not the tiny ones but the med size ones, what are they 4-5oz cans? or maybe 6....) should I be worried????? I think I am going to measure what is in her bowl before I go to bed then when I get up so I can see if she ate any when I get up...... maybe I should do the same with her water???
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it's probably also partly from surgery. i know mine took about 24 hours after a spay to come back to eating somewhat like normal.
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ok she got up and ate this morning that I saw and may have eaten last night since she was up when my daughter woke me up. and she used the litter box at some point too. PHEW so now I don't have to worry about that. heheee.
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I came late to this thread, and then I didn't know why Mommy Cat had so many stitches and only one baby, so I had to find the previous thread and read that. I can't believe I missed all the drama! But so glad it turned out alright!

Mad props to you and your sweet kitties for all that hard work!
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Thanks. yeah mommy kitty had a rought start.

her incision is starting to heal soooooo nice though. I am soooooo happy! and her milk seems to have lessened a bit on the bottom 2 nipples which is nice. less worry about mastitis!!!!!

ok we aren't going to be around at all on Sun. I can have a friend peek in and check on mommy and baby but my question is this.........

I am worried about him getting cold. should I turn on the heating pad or since it is going to be warmer this weekend and my house heats up if we don't have the a/c on should I just leave the a/c off (afraid to turn it on right now because of baby anyways) and figure an 80-85* house will keep them warm enough? I don't want them getting TOO hot either. and he is plenty warm with mommy in there only if she takes a break could he get colder........
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I would leave the air conditioning on just on a higher setting so it doesn't come on as much. A house in the summer with no air conditioning can heat up inside pretty quickly and that would not be good (no fresh air circulating). I would go ahead and leave the heating pad on low with a towel over it and give them room to get off if they get to hot. They should be fine with that. Just my opinion. Sounds like your doing a great job.
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well it is only going to be about 74* out so not really HOT here yet but my house heats up to about 80 sometimes 85 if really sunny out..... so I can leave the fan on to circulate the aire but it isn't like the house will be like 100* or anything.....
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Just a suggestion, and I know she is trying to heal also... but maybe you could call around to your local shelters and see if there are any fosters she can help take care of.

This will not only help keep the lone kitty warm and give him company, but also help to prevent mastisis.

BTW - What a little cutie!!! Do you think he's white? Or will he be pointed? Looks a to me that he's not as white as mom so maybe he is pointed... will be fun to watch grow!

Thanks for sharing!!!
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It has been a long time since I had orphans, but the recommendation used to be to keep the room temperature at 80 degrees so the kittens can stay warm.

If you use a heating pad, make sure it is on low, with heavy towels over it and that momma and kitten can move off the heated portion if they are too warm.

They are beautiful kitties.
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!So cute
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I have a heating pad in there on low and both can move off and my AC is set at 77 but worried about the house dropping at night when we are gone on Sun so that is why I wanted the heating pad on JIC......

Angel looks great and her bottom teats aren't as swollen. and I weighed the kitten today and he was just about 5oz!!!!! so gained a FULL OZ (well a hair under) since yesterday! he stayed the same as I weighed him a bit later yesterday and he was back to the 4oz he was the day before. so at 3 days old he is 5 oz. so according to the calculator that I found it is 141 grams and he was 110 when born and 113 at 1 and 2 days and now 141 (maybe a tad under) at 3 days old. so he is doing really well.
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very pretty little kitty! Beautiful strong momma as well.. You are an awesome owner to be doing all you are doing, your cat is so lucky to have you.. I was so hoping to get one little white one out of my littler, although I know that would be almost impossible considering eboney is black..

Glad nursing is going well also, what a struggle, but a well worth one I am sure.
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well I weighed him again today and he is up to 6 oz!!!! another oz in 2 days. and he is getting sooooooo big and one eye is open a tiny bit in the corner. have new pictures I will post later.
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