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Rescue Kitten

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Im getting a sweet siamese baby soon and decided to get another kitten to be her buddy...

the other kitten (looks to be an exotic short hair or short haired persian mix) is a young rescue (about 7 weeks?) who was about to go to the shelter. She has fleas, the vet told me a safe way to get rid of them for small kittens (use dawn) so Im not too worried about that. Im more worried about a bald spot I saw on his or her body which has really short hair over it so its not just skin and is not red or infected looking. Also has a brown crust on the tear area a bit below his/her eyes. This kitten was obviously not taken care of well. We are bringing the kitten to the vet before we bring it home to do the necessary shots, tests, and deworming (if it has somethng I dont want my other animals infected!) or we will just isolate the kitten in a nice room until vet, with no other animal contact which s probably what we would do for awhle anyways.

Ive never dealt with neglected kittens like ths before and wonder if these type things sound dangerous to the kittens health? There is no green or yellow discharge from the eyes that I can see, in fact the eyes looked clear. This kitten is so sweet and loving, Id love to give him/her a good home.

so from what you all know do these symptoms sound bad? or common among orphaned kittens such as this? He/she had a healthy weight also. Thanks for any input!
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It's possible that the bald spot might be a healing injury, or a hotspot (a place they tend to scratch and bite at a lot). It's a good idea to have the deworming and everything done, but the eyes sound ok for the most part. You can take a warm wet cloth and try to wipe it away, but it wouldn't hurt to ask the vet about it to be sure.
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Thank You! I bet its a hot spot like you say from the fleas... Ill bring her to the vet tomorrow to be sure, if she is too unhealthy she will have to stay with the people she is with right now. Thanks again...hopefully shes healthy and just needs some cleaning up... poor little thing just look so funky!
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To be on the safe side have the kitten tested for ringworm - that is contagious among other cats.
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Thanks guys and Thank You Golden Kitty... I absolutely didnt think of that and it could have been that as well..

As much as I hate to say it this poor little thing is too much for us to take on. Im just afraid of something possibly going wrong and somehow making our animals or my daughter sick, etc. I feel bad and so does my Husband as we wanted to help this little baby out, but this poor thing needs so much medical attention, etc. I really hope she (or he) get a new home where they can provide all that for her. If we didnt already have our animals, etc we absolutely would...but just losing a dear pet.... Im afraid to risk anything. Thanks for your advice it really has helped me so much.
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