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Vet Visit...

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So the Vet came by yesterday morning and Dewormed the Puppies, Vaccinated them and Dewormed all the cats (Puppy Heart worming and Ginger getting Spayed comes in a couple Weeks, and Jack gets Neutered a lil later).... I told her about Kumar's Seizure and that he was acting funny the other night... and she said she wanted to do a Blood Test on him to se if theres anything internally wrong
Im kinda worried as we have no clue how long he was on his own and the people who brought him into the Shelter said he had gotten hit by a car before they found him. Ill know in a couple days if theres anything wrong.. I hope not.. can you guys please send Kumar good Vibes??


The Vet also mentioned something about putting him down just because of the Seizures... she didnt say why, just that he shouldnt live a life with Seizures at all... does that sound right to you??
As long as the Seizures arnt to often (he hasnt had another one yet... who knows he might never have another one) and they dont harm him... why waist a perfect dog.
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I used to have a dog with epilepsy. He had very few seizures and they did not affect his life in the least way. If Kumar is still happy, healthy in every other way, and has good quality of life left, in my opinion there is NO reason to euthanize him just because he has seizures.

Sending lots of vibes for him!
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I know of a gal who had a dog with seizures, she lived for 6 months before they got so severe that she was euthanized. As long as Kumar is doing OK there is not reason to euthanize him, but you have to be aware that you will most likely have to make the call to euthanize him if they become severe enough to warrant it.

Aren't there meds out there to help prevent seizures? Phenobarbital comes to mind.... (I know nothing about seizure disorders in dogs)
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Having a dog with grand mal seizures YES meds help... but I also had Kandie who threw one seizure a yr no need for meds there
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I know we have a husky at my work who has seizures. He takes a pill 2 times a day exactly 12 hours apart and doesnt have them. But if his pill is even an hour or so late he will. He has had a few when stressed before.
He is an amazingly happy dog! And you could never tell he was sick.
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Hmm.... I talked to my boss today about what the Vet said ((she knows my Vet)) and she said get a new Vet.. she agrees, if the seizure are not harmful or to often.. say no to having him PTS.
If he needs Meds.. fine we'll pay for Meds no problem.. but I am not putting him to sleep for no reason.
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Id get a new vet to, what a heartless thing to say. If he is a happy healthy pup otherwise... why not let him live a good life! People live with seizures and still have good fulfilling lives, why cant a dog?! He is so lucky to have you!!!
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I used to have a dog who had seizures as a puppy, but phenobarbitol controlled them well. Certainly if the dog started having frequent seizures that couldn't be controlled by meds, you might have to consider PTS. But I agree that at this point, I'd look for another vet.
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Well.. the new vet choice is up to my mom and she says no
Things are not looking good for Kumar... the vet hasnt called with the test results yet (my moms calling her now) but besides that.. Kumar has had (a possible) 5 Seizures in less than 2 weeks.


My mom cant get a hold of the vet.. I dont like this vet anyway, we were suppose to get the Test results Friday.. than she said Sat.. BUT SHE HASNT CALLED YET!!! this is really bothering me! now I have to wait till Tue. to get a hold of her! its bad enough im stressing about what the results are gonna be.. the vet isnt helping at all!
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