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Wood floor protection

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So, as some of you know I am on a quest to convince my boyfriend that we need a dog. This is the first time in my life I have been without a dog and I can say I’m not enjoying it at all and feel something missing.

My boyfriend may have gotten a promotion at work in which he will have to be on call every second or third week. So I may be spending nights alone. Me being a huge wimp every time he has been away over night I usually spend the night on the couch wide awake scared at every noise. I don’t know why I am that way… maybe because I’ve always just been used to dogs around to always protect me and feel safe.

Anyway before I write a novel on this issue lol my boyfriend is quietly thinking about getting a dog for me to feel safe. The dog we will get is about 40-50 pounds so she’s not too big. Our house is all hardwood flooring and my boyfriend says it’s a very soft wood (birtch). We will be moving into another house in about 3 years so want to keep this one in good shape for selling.

My question: Is there anything I can put on soft wood flooring to minimize the damage of a dog running around? Some sort of hardcore protector or something? Or any other suggestions? Thanks!
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You can always keep the dogs nails clipped or apply the doggie version of Soft Paws.
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I told my boyfriend that if you keep your dogs nails trimmed there should be no trouble. His concern is if she gets hyper and starts running around and leaping everywhere (she’s young at 2 years old) that she will make gauges everywhere.

As for the nail tips, thanks!! I totally forgot about those. I guess those are probably a perfect option for us. Hopefully if we get this precious girl she will not be hassled by them. Then we are back at square one lol.
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Even though we keep our kitties nails clipped regularly, they do end up getting scratches on our hardwood floors and our floors are bamboo which is harder (apparently) than oak or maple.

Short of putting down carpeting or rugs in the most used areas and walkways, I don't think you'll be able to avoid some scratches. Having said that, the scratches don't bother me all that much and I expect most hardwood floors will show wear and tear and need refinishing from time to time over the years.
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