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Adult cats don't DO kittens?????

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We are fostering three kittens that seem to really want to interact with Lucy and Tom-Tom (our resident adults). Well, Lucy and Tom-Tom want NOTHING to do with them...and really..when these kitties come bouncing up to them, they really back down as if they are terrified of them. It is sooo strange. I've caught Tom batting at one a few times (a previous owner declawed him, though, so I am not concerned about a front claw going into a baby). I feel really bad for these babies because they know no better! Lucy and Tom-Tom are best buddies and adjusted to each other just fine...but mannn...they act terrified of these little fur-balls.

What is their deal??? I've heard of adult cats not digging other cats, but babies that pose no threat??? What IS this???
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Cats do not naturally accept new cats or kittens into a home. With my foster babies, I swapped out towels & blankets from my cats & them as the babies are kept in a seperate room for about a week. I plugged a feliway diffuser in my bedroom & introduced them to one kitty I knew would do well with them (the others would play too rough or hate them).
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Our cats acted like this as well with our kittens -- particularly the fear. I interpreted that as them knowing that there was probably a very protective mommy kitty somewhere who would beat them up if they messed with the kittens (as it turns out, our cats were quite right if they were thinking that).

The kittens are 8 weeks now, and the cats love having them as playmates. I think it just takes time, like any other cat interaction.
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It depends on the Cat. Coco loves Kittens and excepts them. Meeko did not like Sasha ti much when we got her. Meeko and Coco excepted Oreo the same day but Sasha kept Hissing. All my Cats are very good friends now.
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Mary loves kittens. She loves to groom them and care for them. I have always felt that she had had kittens of her own once and either got separated from them or they died. She seems to want to mother. Seldon sniffs them a few times but is wary. Cleo sniffs and looks at them confused. But Cleo and Seldon ran away in the beginning.
My cats are generally easy to intro new cats to provided that they are kittens.
I do not think Mary would accept another adult cat without beating them up several times.
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