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black and white

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a statue in st malo manitoba

our famous bridge....

a flower with a bee

the basilica in winnipeg

this is Jim..my SO....telling me to hurry up...lol
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Fantastic!!! I love the contrast in these images. Very Ansel Adams-y.
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the first one is so great!...My favourite!..
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why thank you..I've actually sold 1 copy of that first one...
and someone else would like a copy of it too..
that one seems to be pretty popular.
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I also love the first one, they are all very good
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Beautiful! I love black and white images.

You even made our "famous bridge" look good.

Just a bit of trivia for the non Winnipegers, that bridge has a small sidewalk cafe on the sidewalk at the mid point of the bridge. The restaurant sat empty for I can't remember how many months because there was no toilet facilities. Finally the government coughed up the dough to put in toilet facilities. The cost to put a toilet into that restaurant was $1,000,000.00 (1 million dollars!). The restaurant that is housed there is a hamburger joint and the only way to get there is to park and walk across the bridge. So in the winter when it's minus 50 degrees here, that restaurant is empty because no one in their right mind would venture to walk across that bridge in temperatures like that!
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