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What are your monthly cat expenses?

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It seems like every week I am buying the 40-pound Fresh Step container from Sam's and since we got Baby Birple, his little appetite is just a growing.

I can't believe an estimated $200.00 per month for food [2-13 oz cans of friskies turkey and giblets and one 5.5 ounce can of friskes shredded chicken an gravy per day], frontline for four per month, kitty litter, large bag of purina one dry food at 25.00...wow!!

I had no idea!!!! Not to mention cute toys, vet visits, etc. Owning a pet is really expensive. Oh well, it's not like I can give them back, they are my children, thank goodness for the stimulus check! Too bad we can no longer claim fur babies on taxes. I guess I really won't have human kids, afterall, unless the stork surprises me. Too bad he couldn't wear hand me downs. :lol

What are your expenses per month?
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Hmmmm... good question. Probably on the order of $100-$120 a month for my 3 cats, between food, litter, annual vet visits, Theodore's monthly allergy shot, and miscellaneous expenses (toys and catnip ).
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for the 2 cats..easily over $100/month...
but they are my babies
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I try not to think about it

2 bags of dry nutro, i usual get a sale and coupons so about $10-12 for both.

Meow mix pouches. Can you believe they eat so little that they can share a pouch! I use two a day. So thats about $30 a month. and I usually get some more expensive foods like wellness or merrick....probably about $15 a month.

One thing of litter (25lbs.) last me a month @ $12, and i get the litter lockers refill - 3 each @ $8= $24.

Toys, catnip etc. $10-$20 (i like to keep the kids happy.)

So grand total is (drumroll please!) $120....around what I expected.

Wanna see who else is spending what
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luckly who i foster through supplies everything. the only thing we had to buy was a small bag of litter when we didnt have time to grab a new one from the HS.

no kitties of my own right now
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I figure about $500ish a month. Between feeding this many, Revolution, litter, it adds up rapidly.
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I figure about 90 per fur kid .... per month ... lol.. but then there are ER visits and multiple vet visits this week it is more like 120 each a month
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Surprisingly little. I get help from the shelter for one of them, since I'm fostering; and since that includes litter they can all use, it saves me a bit. And they're indoor, so no flea worries; they're young and healthy; they eat decent-quality (i.e., mostly meat) dry food, so they don't have digestive problems... Biggest problem I've had so far was allergies, easily solved by food-switching away from corn.
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I would say close to $300 per month, just for food. I haven't included vet costs. I just got 2 months of revolution and that was close to $200. Carmelo was just at the vet, didn't see that bill yet. Yes, our fur kids can be really costly can't they
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Around 500 a month.
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It varies, I would guess about $150 a month, but last month Stan had dental work ($252) and we discovered that he needed chicken-free food, so I'm now spending ~$2 a can for instinct rabbit & venison or $1 for venison & green pea...

It's expensive, but worth it
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We dont' spend nearly that much. In the 6 months we've had Jack we have only bought one bag of food (nutro) all the other bags were free (everyone I know got the free bag coupons from Nutro and gave them to me--which means all I paid was tax 65 cents for a 4 lb bag.)

A 40 lb bucket of Tidy Cats lasts about 6 weeks ($12)

He is only interested in toys he can carry--he plays fetch--so our options are limited. He isn't interested in catnip.

Indoor only so no fleas.

1st year checkup will be in July. Should run us about $50

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Guess I would say on the average between $100-$200 per month.
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I budget $50-$60/month for our 2 cats. That's 5-6 oz of wet food every day, dry food, and monthly cat litter.

I don't include vet expenses in that.
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Probably at least $125.00/month for 2 cats. I'm also averaging in the vet costs in that amount. My two have had a variety of issues that needed the vet so they haven't been inexpensive lately.
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Hummm i'm not entirely sure. The cats go through a big tub of litter weekly and that ranges between $6-10 depending on where i get it from and the brand. So i'll estimate about $40 a month for litter or so.

At the moment i still have tons of Nutro in the cat's storage pantry (where i keep all of my fostering stuff/etc) Petsmart gave the shelter i was working at a massive donation of Nutro not too long ago and so since we had soo much the shelter gave all the staff some for their furbabies and foster animals as well. So i still have a good bit of that left. When i don't though i typically buy one big bag of Nutro monthly for them- so that's about $24

The cats get the small dog advantage (advantage in both cats and dogs is identical as far as the chemicals go- just dosage is different- so one small tube of the small dog advantage is enough for all 4 cats once a month (they get four drops each on the back of their neck once monthly) so a four pack of that will last me four months for them.

The dogs we spend about $40+ on their dog food monthly for their dry food. They also have their Heartguard Plus and Frontline Plus (large dogs) so that adds up too.
I also get Fosters ear wash solution so that's about $15

The fish have their fish food and new filters/ stress coat solution/ sea salt/etc so all of that.

Hum i'd estimate about $150-200 depending on the months and what they need. We buy their flea and heartworm prevenative in several months supplies at a time so that lasts a while.
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I added in the strays I feed too.
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I bulk buy when i have people that have cars around.

I bought 5 12L bags for 25 euros They were on sale, and im still not out of it, i guess its gonna be another three weeks until i need to buy some more.

I buy the little purina tins they cost roughly 50 cents each, last time i bought 100 cans and it took nearly 5months for them to get through it.

I also buy the big bag of purina dry food which is 6 Euro and that goes per week.

Also i buy cat treats which is 1Eur a packet and they take 4 days to get through it.

I sometimes buy different brands but I dont like to as Teufel is prone to crystals and I am afraid of him getting them again.

I had to buy the special food last year and that was worth it, my vet decided to take me off it though as soon as he got better because it was getting too expensive.. Up to 100 Euros a month.
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this year i had extra expenses with emergencies etc...and i have now to buy RX foods... so it is very expensive for me now to mantain the cats
3 indoors
3 semi stray outside
all kinds of food and litter turns to approx 100 euro per month (150 usd approx)
not counting treats...
vet bills without any emergencies would be around 33 euro per month (400e/year)
Considering that average salary here is 700 euro per month then this bills are really high... but they are worth every purr !
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Wow, I'm amazed at some of the prices listed here!

We spend $16/month for food (6 for dry & 10 for canned); typically about $5 a month for litter, although we are in the process of finding a different brand to use so that might change. Then there's Frontline for 2 cats, about $28 a month - that's the biggest expense, but it's only half the year. Then yearly checkups ($40 per cat) & rabies shots ($15 each). We have been lucky in not having many illnesses or dentals, so I don't count that in annual expenses. So, if you average it out, that's less than $45 a month for 2 small cats.

We can't afford to buy the most expensive food, or to buy a lot of treats and toys, but it is possible to have happy, healthy cats on a budget (so long as they don't have expensive health problems).
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We have eight, all rescues. Hmm. Well each of them get two cans of Fancy Feast per day, so that's 16 cans a day at seven days a week equals 100 plus cans a week. Plus we put a few extra cans out every day for variety, so let's say 100 plus per week.

My husband buys the litter at Sam's and I have no idea what he pays. We all went to the vet in December and I can't remember what the bill was but I think it was about sixty dollars a cat.

Now, we have one older calico with high blood pressure and borderline thyroid disease so she's on amlodipine made into tuna flavored treats and was on tapazole until it gave her anemia. The anemia prompted rounds of red blood cell counts. Now she's off tapazole but gets blood work every three months. And she had her teeth cleaned with eight extractions - $600.

Then at the end of April the siamese had her pre-op and dental cleaning with four extractions. $500 plus.

Then May two of the boys had their pre-ops and dental cleanings, no extractions - $450 plus

Samantha passed away December after three surgeries $1,200 each, eight chemo treatments at $600 each and a trip to DC to see if she was a candidate for radiation.

Whatever the total is, I'm grateful that my husband and I are able to afford it. I'm very grateful because I don't care if I have to eat a can of Campbell's soup every night for dinner as long as they get the care they need.

Love them so much it hurts.
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When I adopted my first two cats in 2004 the Humane Assoc was passing out info sheets saying that $350 should be budgeted for a cat. $350?? I blew through that in a month. Well, OK, I adopted two cats, but still. I wrote them and suggested their estimate was too low. I suggested they revise their info sheet to $550 per cat. That was based on what I had been spending up to that point. Yesterday Mellie had a dental and two teeth extracted. The bill was $560. So, excuse me, Humane Assoc, I was still too low.

Incidentally, last year they did up their estimate. Now it reads $500.
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Lets see I have never actually added it up but here goes:

Advantage x 5 = $60.00 per month
Wet food = $64.00 per month
Dry food = $32.00 per month
Kitty Litter 4 buckets per week @ 12.00 each = $48.00 per week x 4 weeks = $192.00. ( I change the boxes and put new litter in each box once a week. I have 6 boxes) But I also have lots of fresh step points
Treats and Toys average $20.00 per month
Kitten forumla $50.00 per month. Baby is weaned but we give her the stage 2 formula for a supplement.

So grand total for 5 cats $500.00 per month

That is not counting the annual vet visits and any emergency costs.
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You really don't want to know my monthly expenses.

I'm breeding so it's much higher than just having pets. Come up with a number between 1 and 9 and add 3 zero's.
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For me it's roughly fifty to eighty (dollars) a month for four cats...it'll go up rapidly now that it's spring (I buy much more litter in the warm months). My mom and I noth shop clearance though so we normally get good deals - if we didn't I can't imagine what the prices would be!

Oh, I recently started buying wet food for the kits too - that adds in a good bit too, so I'd go up to seventy to a hundred per month.

Edit: add in any vet bills and strays that come around...I'll move the max up to 150 per month It keeps climbing! I can't wait (yeah right to see what it's like in a couple months when we'll most likely be taking in the pair of neighboring cats).
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Not much right now, cause I only have one cat, but I'm spending my stimulus check on a new kitten, so that'll change.

Maybe 20$ a month on food, 9$ for toys, every few months she needs a vet visit, so thats appox 130 a pop, I buy freshstep litter every other month usually from samsclub (dont even know what i pay for that)

She eats Wellness food, but not alot and doesnt like many toys and doesnt get much catnip often, so shes cheap
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hmmm... well i have 2 kittens
for may my expenses were

shots... $20 each kitten
meds ... $110... for coccidia... deworming ... eye ointment... etc
office visits... $75
food... $16 for dry... Blue Buffalo... they split 1 can a day of Nutro Natural Choice ... so $11
Litter... Tidy Cats Small Spaces $15
Toys... lol... they are cheap dates with toys...

so ... like $250... lol, but it will probably go down once i get them past their kitten stuff and shots, etc...
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For 2 cats...30-40 for food, 15 for litter..plus the occasional new toy here and there. Haven't been for the 1 yr exam yet, that'll be proly 200-300 for both.
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
You really don't want to know my monthly expenses.

I'm breeding so it's much higher than just having pets. Come up with a number between 1 and 9 and add 3 zero's.

And I really don't want to know!
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
You really don't want to know my monthly expenses.

I'm breeding so it's much higher than just having pets. Come up with a number between 1 and 9 and add 3 zero's.
WOW. I didn't realize breeding was so expensive.
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