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Single cat syndrome

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I found an orphan kitten when she is around 2 weeks old. She is now 5 weeks and my older cat (16 years old) does not interact with her. The little kitten is bitting and scratching a lot. After Google up some info about "single cat syndrome", it seems like it would be bad for the kitten's behavior development to keep her by herself. I can't really get another young cat. 3 is just way too much and my husband will not be too happy... Any suggestions?
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I'm afraid I don't have any advice, but I'm sure someone will. Good luck!
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You have a few problems and not an easy solution. Your one cat is pretty old and probably not interested in a very young kitten that wants to play. Your 2nd mistake was to get a kitten that was younger then 10-12 weeks old. While it was an orphan and you were kind enough to take him in, at that age, without a much younger cat to act like a surrogate mother, it will be difficult to work out.

The kitten needs to be around older kittens or a young cat maybe 1-2 yrs old. Is there anyone you know that would be able to provide him with the socialization he really needs? Especially if you cannot bring in a 3rd kitten to help things be better.
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You might try contacting a local rescue group since it's kitten season. Two options: if you want to keep the kitten, but want to socialize it, see if your husband will allow you to foster another kitten. When the other kitten is about 12 weeks, the rescue group can spay/neuter him then adopt him out and you'll be left with a better socialized kitten. If your husband vetos the temporary foster idea, see if the rescue group will foster your kitten for a few weeks. Then when he is 12-14 weeks old, you can reclaim him.

p.s. I am currently fostering 2 orphaned kittens from different litters. When I got them (at 4 weeks) they were biting and scratching like yours is. Now, having been together for 2 weeks, they are much better socialized and will even snuggle up with people or our dog.
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I second the fostering motion! Perfect solution for helping out your kitty and another unwanted babe somewhere!

With a quick web search, I found a shelter in your area that is begging for foster parents as I type - they are overflowing with kittens. All you have to do is call them!




same place - two different sites.

Good luck with your rescued baby! I'm sure you will come up with the perfect solution.

PS we love pictures around here
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