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Anyones Asthma acting up?

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My Asthma is terrible today from all the Wind and Smoke. i hate using my back up Inhaler. I have used it and my Asthma is still acting up some.
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Mine is, due to the horrible mold problem in the town I'm staying at. I've had to use my inhaler every day for the last two weeks. It's very annoying!!! I hate mold! I can't imagine being around all that smoke- especially with allergy season in full swing. You have a triple whammy!
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Yea its bad right now. Theres 2 more big fires right now.
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We have tree and grass pollen right now. And with thunderstorms moving in (and supposed to be here daily next week), the kids at school are struggling. Sinus and asthma.

I've been on extra meds for a week now.
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Mine hasn't been so bad lately- we've had mostly good weather around here. I only had to use my rescue inhaler once this week and it was after i had to walk past a crowd of folks who were smoking to get into a building for an appointment. (smoke really triggers my symptoms). Other than that, mine really has been ok so far. Only thing i've noticed (non asthma related) is that i've been sneezing like crazy lately! Weird- guess that's just seasonal.
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I always suffer with my Asthma more at night time, not sure why but that seems to be the only time, and mainly in the warmer months..
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I can't decide if I have a cold or if it's my sinuses and asthma acting up. Either way, I haven't been feeling too great the past few days!
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I have Hay Fever also and Sneeze so much. My Asthma is a always worse at night.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Yea its bad right now. Theres 2 more big fires right now.
Are there 2 more fires? I think that you might be closer to them than me, but even so, the air is really hazy with the smoke and that wind is not helping.
I am borderline asthmatic, but last week my allergist gave me an Advair inhaler sample and I have had to use it.

Hang in there!
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DH has been hitting his inhaler a little more. It's very windy here and there's a lot of dirt in the air. He's definitely remembering to take all his medicine in the morning.

A few nights ago something strange happened, both he and I started coughing and getting choked up. He needed his inhaler and I could barely breathe (and I don't even have allergies). We never figured out what caused it.
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Yea we had alot of fires near us.
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