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Kitty needs a friend.

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This is my first post and I wanted to say what a great site this is.My cat"More Snarf Kitti" has owned me for almost 3 years.I had cats before, but never like this.I will tell more detailes, but I'm kinda rushed at the moment.
We just moved into a huge house, and I would like to get him a friend,but I don't know the best way to go about it. Is a kitten or an adult best? He's a fixed male, is the same recomended, or a fixed female? Should I wait for him to get more settled in his new home? or can I go get a new cat today? I apreciate the chance to asksomeone.
thanx, jessy.
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If you do decide to get a new cat, I would be interested in knowing how it went. My Max is 3 years old and I often thought about getting another cat, but he is very possessive of me. I can't sit down fast enough before he is on my lap. I just don't know if he would welcome another cat.
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Welcome to the site Jesse!

I'll move this to the Behavior Forum where others can weigh in on what type of kitty would be good to add to your household, as well as introduction tips. Proper introductions are the key to a happy kitty house.
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I am glad that you came to us BEFORE bringing in the new cat. If you follow the gidelines we give you are almost guaranteed success. The worst thing to do is to simply bring in the new cat and put it in with the old cat. Instead, please follow the step-by-step instructions for introducing a new cat that you will find if you click here.

Good luck and Bravo for adopting another kitty.
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Welcome and good luck!
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Hello and Welcome!

I just added another cat to my little pride of felines, and it wasn't all that bad. There are a lot of great threads on here about doing just that, so look around and read away! There are a lot of very knowledgeable (and friendly!) folks on here.
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