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Cat Sneezing

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My cat Bear was sneezing all last night, but there is no drainage coming from his eyes or nose. He does keep on licking his nose though and blowing air out of his nose. Could he have an upper respiratory infection? He had one before when he was younger but I remember a lot of drainage. Is there anything I can do for him now? He is eating, drinking, pooing, and peeing that I know of.

I was suppose to take Rocko in for his horn paw tomorrow but I am going to call the vets and put Bear in Rocko's place. Poor Bear couldn't get any sleep last night.
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I think the vet's is the best option. As long as his other behavior is normal (eating and eliminating) then it probably isn't too urgent and a visit tomorrow will be ok.
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I would go to teh Vet too. Is there anyway you can take both Cats together.
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First, I have a Rocko too! Who is black and white also

I also have sneezy cats too Take heart that it is usually not a huge deal. Especially if Bear is acting normally. Thats a good thing. I am sure the vet will have some answers for you. May give you something to treat him and make him more comfortable and help it not escalate to something worse. Sending good vibes for Bear

I hope Rocko will get his visit soon, although I am sure he is laughing at Bear right now saying
" Better you than me buddy "
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