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Anniversary of Olivier

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My baby boy Olivier left my life 2 years ago today.
I picked him up from the shelter and he was in bad shape. The volunteer looked doubtful but what I saw was a little boy who deserved a chance. He had dental problems, a big patch of hair missing on his back and his nails had been clipped wrong. He pranced around the visiting room with his tail in the air and came over and collapsed at my feet.
He came home and I committed myself to restoring his substantial beauty. He was a medium hair buff tabby with big round copper eyes. He was 9 months old when we got him.
I got him good vet care and learned about nutrition so he could be healthy. I brushed his teeth everyday and soon his teeth were good again. When he first came he could not jump but soon he was jumping with his sister Mary who was teaching him the ropes. They played peekaboo through the shower curtains, they would play chase and jump and then curl up together to rest.
He followed me everywhere and would meow if he could not see me. He was a big bundle of love. He would rub his face on my cheek. He slept curled up next me and we developed our daily routine. You shadowed me everywhere.

When you got sick I was prepared to spare no cost and when they diagnosed you with FIP I was sure we could beat it.
When you came they said you had litterbox issues. The previous owners had said that. But they had 7 cats and 1 litterbox. I got you and Mary 3 boxes and you went right away. Mary helped to teach you to cover it up as she always did it for you. You were everything your previous owners said you weren't. Given a chance you could do everything you were supposed to do.

I figured we were meant to be together for many many years.
When the vet gave me the diagnosis she had tears in her eyes. You had been her shadow at the office. The techs looked forward to coming in and seeing you during your stay. You showed them why I loved you so much and why you were such a great cat. The whole office was sad when they heard the news and some of them called me at home to check on you. Some cried. The vet a 27 year veteran told me that she was sad by the diagnosis and wished she could do more. She had called specialists and got second third and fourth opinions.
Your lungs were filling with fluid, you had a fever and there is no cure. I read that some cats survive and I figured we had beat every other odd we could beat this one too.
I thought you would pull through and you rallied. You knew I was unable to let you go so you gave me 2 more weeks of your life. You gave Mary time. She would put her arm around you and cry. I think she knew.
You started slipping fast and I had no choice. I loved you and could not watch you suffer. Your eyes told me it was time to say Good bye.
I held you until you were gone. I could not bear to bring your carrier home without you so I left it. I cried everyday for a long time. Even now I will shed tears when I think of you and your big loving copper eyes.
But you had a mission in my life. You brought me 2 new boys Cleo and Seldon and now 2 new kittens Saffron and Sachi.
Mary cried over you and would only sleep on your blanket. She would look at me and cry out for you. She was depressed without you. Now she has companions and gets to be the boss just like she likes. Thank you for sending them into my life.

RIP my beautiful angel. My sweet baby boy. You will never be forgotten.
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that was such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful boy oliver.

i read it with tears in my eyes not only from sadness but also with joy at how many people were touched by your wonderful cat.

your words remind me so much of how i feel about my boy who left me last october to that cruel disease of FIP.

for you from your across the bridge.
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Your beautiful tribute brought tears to my eyes. What a treasure Oliver was, and now he is cherished kitty-angel. Tab is right - your darling angel from over RB sends you hugs, and purrs & headbutts
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Originally Posted by tab View Post
that was such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful boy Olivier.
it was lovely - & didn't he do right by you & Mary with the new kitties!
for Olivier...
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Thank you.
He watches over me in his own way. He taught me that all cats need is a loving home and a chance. I miss him and I always will.
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What a loving and moving tribute to your little boy

I hope you having a wonderful time at the bridge Olivier

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What a beautiful tribute to your boy! Rest in peace Oliver.
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