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Hello my name is Nora and my kitty is Maximillian. I call him "Max". He is three years old and is part Manx. Everybody I know thinks Max is spoiled because I actually hire a kittysitter when I go away and I have no illusions that I run my own household. I have a question for you cat lovers. Max has just started kneading. He has never done this before. He perfers to kead me and usually around 3 AM. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get him to stop?
I would appreciate it.
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Welcome to the site Nora! I'm glad you and Max found us here. The people may think Max is spoiled, but we know you're just a good kitty mommy.

Kneading kitties are happy kitties, so I don't know that you really want him to stop. It goes back to when he was a baby kitty nursing from Mom. Kittens knead on Mom to get the milk flowing, and it's a great comfort for them when they are adults too. Max just sees you as Mommy now.

What I would suggest if you don't want him kneading you is to get him a stuffie or his own blanket and when he starts kneading you, put the stuffie or blanket in between you. There's a great product that may be the ticket for you: Snugglekittie The link takes you to a review of the product on this site and the link for purchase information.

I'll go ahead and move this to the Behavior forum where others can give you suggestions too.
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I've read on this site a while back that cats do that to put their scent on you. Cats have scent glands on their paws and when they scratch or kneed things, they are just putting their scent on that object.

Hope this might help you!
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Welcome to TCS, Nora!

One of my kitties is also named Max, but she's a girl! Actually, she was named before we knew if she was a boy or girl, she was the smallest in the litter and we gave her a name "to grow into". She is our spoiled little girl.

Be sure to post some pictures of your furbaby! We love kitty pictures!
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Hello there Nora and Max. Sending you a warm welcome and glad to see you here.

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hello and welcome!!!
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