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My little angels have died.....

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As some of you may have read, I was fostering 3 kittens that I recieved when they were a day old. When I recieved them they were little frozen ice cubes and barely even hours old. I did what Icould for them, managed to keep them warm and well fed for a few days. then yesterday they started taking a turn for the worse and became dehyrdrated and lethargic. I was giving them fluids and feeding them every hour to hour and a half. The littlest of them all died peacefully this morning around 8am. The other two seemed to look a little bit better but not great. I was in and out of the house all day and made sure they were taken care of. When I came home around 7pm both were barely clinging to life, so I decided the best thing to do was to put them to sleep. I then laid them to rest around 8pm this evening, now all three little angels are resting peacefully in heaven. Sleep well my little Snap, Crackle and Pop. We loved you very much!
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I'm sorry. It's so hard with such tiny babies, I prefer the bottle babies once they're 2 weeks old, as younger than that they are soooo fragile.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge babies
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babies.. RIP
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at least they knew love, warmth & food in their last days... & they can do it all now - run, jump, play...

Snap Crackle Pop
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At least they went loved and cared for and not all alone.
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you made a difference to their lives and that is so very important.

RIP little ones.
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Poor babies....
RIP to those poor souls.....
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Poor little kitties. I'm glad they were cared for.

Rest in peace little kittens.
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You did the best you could, and they passed in a warm, loved place, instead of cold and hungry. RIP little ones.
Bless you for the effort you made and the love you gave them.
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condolences on losing your kittens. There was so much hope for them, such a future that you were prepared to provide. They were called Home so very, very soon but I can envision them now- frolicking with those little children-angels, perhaps from the Chinese earthquake, all cuddling and playing and enjoying the best that Heaven can offer.
Bless you for giving them love, comfort and a home, and, most important, their own names and a chance to know your loving, comforting touch...
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Thanks for all the hugs! Even though I knew that they would have to leave us sometime, but I imagined it would be with their new families. It is just heartwrenching to have had to put them to sleep, and even though I know I did all that I could for them it is still not any easier. I just hope that the next time around for them will be better than the short little life they had here this round.
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Oh that's so sad. They were too little. You did your best.
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We have decided to have them privately cremated and get the ashes. We are going to spread them in our flower gardens so that Snap, Crackle and Pop will always have a home and a family. We thought that was the least we could do for them since they had such a pathetic, short little life-they deserve the best!
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Rest in Peace Little Babies.
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RIP precious ones
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