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shedding tool for sofa ??

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Sorry couldn't think of how to title the subject. I wonder if anyone has the "perfect" tool for getting the cat hair off of furniture. I just purchased one of the rolling lint things but after about two swipes I have to tear the top sheet off and start again and so on and so forth plus it doesn't do a very good job anyway. There must be a better tool or a better method.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions,
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I have lots of Persians and they really only get hair on their cat furniture. I use a combination of the vacuum and my hand to rub it off.
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I've got a lint remover brush and it seems to work pretty good. It can be a bit tricky though. I picked it up at Walmart for around 3 or 4 bucks and you can use it over & over. You might give this a try! Here's a picture of what they look like. Also they are usually in the section with clothes hangers and moth balls..in case if you didn't know where to look.
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I use a hard hair horse brush that you use on horses during their shedding season. Works great!

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Thanks all for your suggestions. Never thought of a horse brush hissy, that's great! I'll try it.

Shell, I almost got the lint brush but thought it felt too soft (?) for the hair......maybe not though sounds like it works for you.

ceehome, I did try the small hand vaccuum but it wasn't strong enough The sofa that has the problem is chenille and seems to hold on to the hair and doesn't let go!

Vicki, that's so true about the moisture and rolling it into a ball--had forgotten that works. Been a long time since I've had an indoor cat and the last one didn't shed much at all so didn't have the problem.

Thanks again everyone,
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It does look kind of deceiving. It feels soft, but if you rub your hand against the grain it become rough and that is how it picks up the hair. To remove the hair, you just rub with the grain and it all comes off. Just thought I'd let you know! Good luck!
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Thanks Shell, certainly worth a try. I'll pick one up tomorrow.
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You are very welcome!
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