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Based upon information from another thread and a visit to their website, I'm thinking that this stuff looks pretty good. Though, have you noticed that the ingredients for the cat and dog food are REALLY similar?

I'm wondering how much of this do you typically feed? I don't leave food out (the dogs or the ants will get it) so I feed twice a day, 2 tablespoons each time, for Boo and Raven. Being an outdoor cat, Missy gets a total of 3 tablespoons at night and 2 in the morning.

Calling my local PetSmart to get a price/availabiltiy check...and they don't carry it. Lucky Dog does and they want 26.95 for a 16lb bag. Is that in keeping with the prices that y'all are finding?

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Innova is my favorite dry cat food. All of my cats do extremely well on it. Yes, the ingredients in both the dog and the cat foods are somewhat similar but differnet amounts and different levels of nutrients. I have also had good results with the dog food.
I pay between $25 - $27 for a 16.6 lb. bag of Innova cat food depending on which store I go to. My cats eat about 1/2 cup daily and weigh between 10 - 14 lbs. It is a very calorie dense food so be careful not to overfeed.
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Thanks, Vanessa.

Yes, I am sure the propotions are different for the cat and dog food. Still, my cats will steal dry dog food any chance they get though (but turn up their noses at wet cat food- go figure!), so not like it's a taste issue .

We have a place in my area called PetVet Feed and Supplies - it is run by these nice vets that do vaccination clinics for rock-bottom prices in addition to selling great supplies. When I called around this afternoon I found that they have the 16lb bag of cat food for 22.95 and the 33lb Natura Lamb and Rice for for dogs at 29.99, which is the same as I pay for the Iams dry dog food. The ingrediants blow me away - I'm going switch everybody over, though gradually of course.

You said that yours get a 1/2 cup daily; mine used eat that much but they were turning into bowling balls. I knocked 'em back to a third of a cup per day (2 tablespoons morning and night, somewhat more for Missy)+ treats. I guess I'll keep their rations the same unless I notice them getting too fat and bunchy.

I'm all excited about this new food and anyone without critter-kids would probably think I'm batty, but I expect y'all are one of those select groups that understand that kind of thing.

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