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If nobody minds......

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I'm just going to lie here in bed and cough until either my brains come out, or I hack up a hairball one! Seriously, this is getting rediculous. I had pneumonia two weeks ago, but I still have this nasty, hacking, annoying cough. I went back to the dr yesterday, and he gave me some daytime stuff, and prescription for something to take at night.....I've tried both....and used them both together, and I'm still coughing like a chain-smoker.....anyone with any home remedies that work? For what its worth, I can't do the conventional "hot toddy" because the last couple of times I tried them, I threw them up before they had time to work.....and thats funny too, with this cough, hot things make it worse instead of being soothing.....go figure!!
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I don't have any suggestions, but here are vibes that you feel better soon!
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Are you still on an antibiotic? If not, you may need another round. And have your lungs been checked to see how much fluid may be in them?

Whenever I get the flu I almost always get a following infection, and even pneumonia before. For me it takes 4-6 weeks to pass. Pretty miserable weeks...

I'm guessing hot stuff may open up your sinuses some and cause more to drain down and tickle your throat? Maybe you could try tea with honey in it, but let it cool first?
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have you tried sleeping almost sitting up? get quite a few pillows and prop yourself up, that's what I had to do. I also drank tea and that helped, it seemed to break up the lung congestion, but I totally understand the coughing so hard you puke that is the worst!
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You have my sympathy. I've always been prone to a cough, and I have a terrible time getting rid of one, so I have to fight the cough I don't have yet as soon as I get a throat tickle.
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Thanks for the vibes.....they always help

strangewings.... my dr told me yesterday that my lung function is good, but did give me another round of antibiotics just in case there was some lingering infection, it would get rid of it.

Sad thing is, even the kitties won't sleep with me....I think I make too much noise and movement, lol!

Katie, once I get to sleep all is well, but doesn't seem to matter if am sitting/propped/or flat, something's gonna set me off

I threatened just to lop off my head, lol!
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Aww, I'm sorry that the kitties won't stay and snuggle with you. I've been having bad tooth/face pain since Friday (worse once the dentist poked around...) and my Tomas has been extra snuggly... probably because I let him - but it's nice to have someone to snuggle.

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Are you on a prescription expectorant? or ok'ed to take mucinex? It might help a little. Unfortunately, you need to cough or else you won't get better, I learned the hard way and that was how I ended up with pneumonia years ago. lol
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I feel for you - everytime I have a cold or my allergies flair up, I get this horrible tickle in my throat - I cough so hard I throw up (gross I know, sorry). I have a prescription for Tesslon (sp?) capsules - the ONLY thing that works for me - well, that and anything carbonated. The fizz kills the cough (usually!). Good luck and hope you're feeling better!
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My favorite thing for cough is leaning over the sink and running hot water full blast to make steam, with a bathtowel draped over my head to form a tent that holds the steam in. I breathe that for five minutes or so, and it really helps.

Do you have a vaporizer? They're great for times like this, but potentially dangerous around the kitties... you'd only want to use it with the door closed, so they can't turn it over and get drenched in hot water!

Sleeping in a near-sitting position, as Katiemae suggested, can be very helpful too.

And hot tea is my cure for everything.
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I know this will sound crazy, but my family has tried it and they say it works. Cover your feet in Vicks Vapor Rub and put socks on. Good luck!
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Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I'm definitely going to try some of them today! Hub told me that I can't go back to work until I quit coughing (something about hacking a hairball up in the food?LOL!) But I am going to deliver a breakfast in town and drop by Wal-Mart, I need some fresh tea for hot tea, am out of Vicks (never tried putting it on my feet though, would have to wear socks or one of kits would lick it off). I want some hot chocolate too, our Walmart carries one that has a touch of hot pepper and cinnamon in it...that can't hurt either!
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Forget the hot, just have the toddy. This is when you are thankful for the alcohol in NyQuil to make you sleep.
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whats hot toddy?

I have a phobia of coughing... is that lame? Every time i get a bad tickle in my throat i get waves of panic over me.
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How about hot herbal tea with some nice soothing honey?
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Jeez...I wish I had the license of the truck that hit me......I'd hunt him down and ask him to please finish me off! I'm almost 40 years old and I have never, ever, been as sick as I have been these past few weeks! I think I probably haven't completely recovered from the pneumonia in the first place, went back to work too soon, too hard and have relaplsed......sigh! I have at least passed the point where I'm afraid that I'm going to die or something, now I'm just afraid I'm going to live, lol! Thank God my sense of humor seems to be returning for the most surely makes life eaiser!

I've drunk so much hot chocolate and hot tea w/honey that I keep expecting a chocolate coated honey bee to fly out when I go to the bathroom, lol.....but something is surely helping, so I'm gonna keep it up!
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I've been there Cindy. Sounds like the time my Baptist minister grandpa came over to our house and got a couple of shots of whiskey from my dad. A sure sign grandpa was sick.

(The liquor was a gift and dad put hard candy in it.)
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Jan, that's still supposed to be one of the best remedies dad did the same thing, but for some reason I can no longer keep that kind of stuff down when I'm sick, I can't even take NyQuil just comes right back up......and on top of the sneezing/sniffling/coughing.. I can't handle that too lol!
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Originally Posted by LovesMyCats View Post
I know this will sound crazy, but my family has tried it and they say it works. Cover your feet in Vicks Vapor Rub and put socks on. Good luck!

Both my grandma and Scott's mom swear by this. It makes sense since your feet act like a conductor.....
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I have bronchitis right now--severe. I tried the Vicks crud and ended up with hot, greasy feet and was still coughing away. Talked with a homeopath yesterday and she said you must keep the cough "wet" so it can go away. Drink lots of fluids--I've had almost a gallon today, steam with vaporizer or hot bath, and you can even try sleeping with a wet washcloth over your mouth and nose--really helped me.

Good luck.
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Originally Posted by pee-cleaner View Post
you can even try sleeping with a wet washcloth over your mouth and nose--really helped me.

Good luck.

I've done that before, as a matter of fact I went to sleep (finally) last night with one.....only to wake up with it under my head and with a very damp!
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Yeah, I did, too---but those few hours of sleep were GOLDEN. Good luck tonight. I'll think about you if/when I'm awake and coughing.
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Feel beter soon!

I've had a bad cough for the past few days and it's driving me crazy. I'm pretty much okay during the day but at night it's awful.
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