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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Four summers ago, I was bitten on my hand by a brown recluse spider. I missed nearly two months of work because of the huge necrotic hole on my hand. Don't talk to me about relocating a spider. They have a whole big world outside. My house is off limits. If they're in my house, they die!
Ugh, I had a brown recluse that got into my room several months back, and it was on the floor right inside my door and I was so scared to try and get past it and get something to kill it, so I called my mom through the house on my cell phone and asked her to get something to take care of it with.. I'm so scared of those things!

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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
I just relocated a mud dauber that somehow managed to get in the house. The cats were kind enough to point it out to me. I'm pretty sure these guys are in the wasp family and will sting in defense, so it had to go.
they do have a knack for getting in - my parents have them in their house all the time in the summer. they are extremely non-aggressive... that said, i think if a cat went after one, they would probably take action!
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My biggest fear is the tiny ones that don't move, but scurry. And not just scurry, but scurry towards ME. They move too fast for me to keep up, so when I'm on my knees with a cup, and they're scurrying past the cup and towards my knees, I panic. I'll still catch it and take it outside, but the heart pounding can not be good. And since they scurry so fast, I fret about losing it in a crack in the floor or wall or under some furniture or something. Once there was a little black guy near the ceiling in one room, and Willow was perched on the bookshelf next to it (I think I put her there to combat the problem, as I couldn't reach the spider, and I freaked at the thought of it falling on my head). When it got close enough, she gave it a gentle touch with her paw...and it went saaaaiiillling away into a corner and disappeared. Until a week later. When I found it downstairs, underneath the aformentioned room. I captured it with a cup, though I accidently smooshed one of it's legs off, and threw it out the nearest window.

I always know I have 3 cats as backup, so that keeps me calmer, lol. They'll protect me, at least long enough for me to run away a safe distance and watch, make sure they don't lose it.

We had a Jewel Spider a few years ago, and while it scared the bejeezus out of me at first (it's HUGE, compared to the usual spiders we get), I quickly learned more about it and now I'm fascinated. The first spider eventually laid her egg sac and died, and every year around August, her descendents appear. Last year, two of them hung out in the garage, a male and female (I say that as one was much bigger than the other), and the year before there was one right next to the front door, in the perfect spot for me to crack the door open and take pictures. They're harmless and they prefer to hang out outside, near lights (which attract bugs), and they only come out at night. They also make some nice webs, which can get huge. The bigger one that was in the garage last year, she had a nice, big web spanning nearly half of a window (so that'd be, I think, a couple of feet?), but it made a HUGE mess of random web-strings that held it aloft. Strings stretching to the rafters, strings stretching to car tools, strings stretching to the window itself. It was funny, actually, since it was so messy looking. It was the web that looked tidy, lol

Ironically, the Jewel Spider is also called the Cat Face spider, thanks to the appearance of it's abdomen or torso or whatever you call it.

But spiders that scurry freak me out.
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i HATE them, am also scared of them, no matter what size they are! i alway's get my partner to squish them, as i can't touch them, or be anywhere near them.
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oh my gosh, if I even think about spiders I am paranoid for the whole day!
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