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Question for the ladies

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I got the birth control pill yesterday but I don't want to wait until I get my period to start it. Has anyone ever started it while not on your period? When I was on it before, I waited until I got it. My period is not expected for over 4 weeks (I have 6 week cycles normally) and really do not want to wait that long.

Does anyone know if you can start without being on your period? I looked some stuff up online and it says its fine to do it that way.
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I *believe* I started my first pack the Sunday following the visit to the Doc when I got the pills... I was like 17 then and I'm 24 now and have never been off the pill but I seem to remember I went to the doc's during the week and she gave me a sample and said take the first pill this sunday... if you haven't been on any kind of birth control for quite awhile, I don't see why you couldn't pop your first pill this Sunday... I just find it easiest to have my cycle related to Sunday's because the week is so busy so like if you're on your cycle and it gets to Sunday you know that's the first day of a hormone pill to start a fresh cycle
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I was a Sunday starter when I started Yaz over a year ago. But I was also due for my period a few days before starting. The Dr. told me to just start the Sunday following my visit to her, period or not. So I dont see why that would be a problem.
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Honestly, you need to call your doctor and ask. I'm sure you can take the pill, but does that mean it will be effective? If so, when? You don't know, so you need to ask.
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If my memory serves me correctly, you can start the pill now, but it won't be effective untill you've menstruated. Like clixpix said, call your doctor.
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With almost all bc pills, they say it will be fully effective 7 days after you start taking it. I have never been a sunday starter. Just start taking it now, and use the little sticker it comes with to mark what day of the week you started on. You will probably get your period asap after starting, but that will still be better than waitng almost a month! Btw, I take Yaz and love it!
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You can go ahead and start now, and within the week it will be effective. The reason for waiting until your period is to validate that you are NOT pregnant, as beginning the pill when pregnant can have serious implications for the embryo/fetus. If you are 100% that you arent preggers right now, go for it. If theres any chance you are, for your own and the baby's sake, wait the 4 weeks for your expected period.
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If you are not sure about what to do, consult your doctor....I have never taken the pill before, so I am not sure about the right time that you can take it. I currently use the Implanon bar that sits in my left arm, and it works for me better than the injection or any other form of birth control...
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Sorry, I would say to wait untill your first day of the period to take it.
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