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how likely will it be that Angel will have milk?

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I know there have been a few kitties on here that had c-sections and were spayed were they able to nurse thier babies???? I am really hoping that she can nurse him. we go camping on the weekends and can bring them but I would have to find a bigger crate and a spot to put them since my older dog and the new puppy will also be with us. heheee so I can bottle feed if need be but really hoping that she can take care of him.
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My Brothers Cat had Trouble
Here is her Story.
Well, regardless of how it happened. It did and I had to deal with it. She gave birth on March 12 to 4 kittens. And once again gave birth to another a day later. Then the problems began. After a few days Shadow began having an unusual amount of discharge. I took her to the vet on the Thursday the 15th. They ran some tests and said to bring her back the next day. She ended up having an emergency hysterectomy. Her uterus hadn't contracted after she gave birth and there was an infection. After the surgery I took her home. The vet said that they had used internal stitches and that she would still be able to nurse. Sadly the kitten that was born late died on the 19th. It gets worse.

Everything was going well. Until Tuesday night. Shadow wasn't eating. She wasn't doing much of anything. I knew something was wrong. I took her to the emergency vet at midnight. Stayed up all night waiting for them to call. It turns out she had mastitis. Her fever was 105 when I brought her in. That morning I transfered her to my regular vet where she stayed for 3 days. Finally I got to take her home that Saturday. She was doing ok. I had to give her meds twice a day. But she could no longer nurse. I had to bottle feed the kittens. Once again, everything was ok for a few days. Luckily only one of her nipples had the mastitis. But even with the meds it got worse. It ruptured and she went back to the emergency vet on Wednesday the 28th and they cleaned out all the infected and dead tissue and stitched her up. She has a catheter to drain any excess fluids. She's going to the vet in few days to have the catheter removed and in a week to have the stitches removed. She is doing very well. She's acting like her old self again.

I was able to find a surrogate mother for the kittens. They are doing good. I get updates on them every day.
My Brother did let them Nurse after Surgery but she got Mastiss and got very Sick.
I have 2 of her Kittens.
Meeko amost 8 and Sasha almost 2
Your Cat can Nurse if she feels like it.
My friends Cat had a Emergency C section an still Nursed.
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The only pregnant cat we have had this year had difficulties, and ended up having an emergency c-section - she managed to feed them, although only 2 of the 5 survived, and she did have very little milk left by the time they were 10 weeks old.
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they are putting the baby with her as soon as she was awake enough to get it to nurse so the vets have no problem with her nursing after the surgery which is good. but not sure if because of the spay she might not have milk for as long or just might not make any.... or if it is possible that she will do just fine. her teats were really filled up before she had him so guessing she has some milk now......

thanks booktiger at least that gives me hope that she can have enough expecially since she only has one baby to feed. even if she doesn't have much after 3-4 weeks I would be ok with that but would much prefer till 10 weeks or so when he goes to his new home.
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I do hope she does - I would be monitoring very closely though, maybe daily weighing and have KMR in just in case - vet might take it back if you dont need it. Our kittens were on the small side, but as they were the only 2 out of 5 to survive, and 2 of the other 3 had major issues, we do think it is more likely due to poor nutrition (mum came to us 2 weeks and one day before going into labour) rather than her milk.
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It was my understanding that if a cat was spayed, it wouldn't milk.. but I don't know enough about cats, to really know... I sure hope that she is able to nurse her sweet baby boy... I am so happy for you, finally, we both have our kitty's!~
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I've never been in that situation with a cat before, but I once rescued a dog that had to have a c-section. The vet did not consult me first and went ahead and spayed her. She produced milk for a couple weeks but it wasn't much and eventually stopped when the pups were 3 weeks old.
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Shadow had Milk for almost 3 Months after she was fixed.
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Oh it looks like she will have milk, thats good..
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baby and Angel are home. Angel is quite tired and a bit out of it still it seems. But she seems to be a good mom she was licking him a bit. and I finally got him to nurse. he was having problems and I think part of it is she has no fur on her belly from the surgery so he wanted to wander to where fur was.... but he finally latched on and was happy. they hadn't seen him latch on at all so bottle fed him at 6 ish but he only ate about 1/2 tsp (think that is what it was) then tried again around 8:30 and he wouldn't take it at all. then he seemed like he was searching as we left the vets but I didn't notice him nursing at all so I tried to bottle feed him and OMG he is FIESTY!!!! kept moving his paws all over and legs and his head and pushing me away. I got him to take about one sip and that was IT! but after that was when I got him to latch on then he lost it but looked like he found another one and latched on there.

She is so tired she is sleeping now so I didn't see her clean or stimulate him to go to the bathroom and know they said they were doing it and he had peed a ton and they got him to poop. should I take him out after I see him nurse and stimulate him until I see her starting to do it?

and I had a kitchen scale but can't find it to have to buy another one tomorrow so I can weigh him. I believe they said he was around 110G they said it was barely under 4 oz..... so now to find my scale or get a new one so I can weigh him each day and see how he is doing...... I am sooooo nervous!
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oh and she is VERY full of milk. I have to watch for mastitis if he doesn't nurse from her..... but he seems to be but will still keep an eye out. also how long should he nurse off of her at one time. right now he will nurse for a few then pull off sometimes search for another nipple but this last time he just snuggled up with her and both went to sleep. does this mean he got enough?
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is it normal to feel the ribs on the kitten at 1 day old? his belly is full and he nurses and sleeps and doesn't cry unless he is getting frustrated trying to find a nipple and angel tries to help by rolling and moving him with her paw (which is very cut to watch)...... I am just worried about how much he is getting........

I am going to another store tomorrow so will see what they have for scales and see if I can find a better one to get a very accurate weight on him to be sure he is gaining since mine only has lines for every 25G it is hard to tell exactly where it is at.... I have thought of getting a marker and marking it each time I weigh him so I can see if it has gone past that mark the next day, but not sure i have a thin enough marker.
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gosh, i don't know - i could definitely feel Firefox's, but she was underweight. i haven't had a kitten before her since Cable, who was also underweight when found... before that, it had been 7 years! plus, i've never had a newborn, period.
if it makes you feel any better - i can feel Java's ribs & hipbones - she's my supermodel,
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In my slight experience, if he's falling asleep nursing, and not crying, and gaining a bit every day he should be ok. I think you can feel their ribs from the top, but the belly should be tight, not loose or slack. 110 g sounds like a pretty good weight to me.
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ok am I just being a worrier or should I be worried........

I think the kitten may have lost weight but I hate the scale that I have as it is hard to tell. but he nurses often and doesn't cry while nursing but does kick his feet and squirm at times then settles back down. he sleeps peacefully once he is done nursing until he is hungry again. so he seems satisfied but shouldn't he be putting ON weight???? looks like he was around 105-110 G I think and yesterday it looked to be around 113-114 (4 oz) and they said when he was born he was 110 G..... so he either hasn't gained or lost a bit in his 2 days of life.......
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