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Tucker is Missing

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I've been hesitating to post this because it'll mean I'm seriously worried about Tucker. It's been two weeks since I've last seen him. The only bright spot in this dark cloud is that he's always been an outdoor cat, so he's not completely unprepared, and he's also neutered and has all of his shots - however, it doesn't ease the fact that I'm really worried a bout him!

For the past month or so he's been taking longer and longer stays away from home. I feel horrible for saying this, but I turned a blind eye to it because he always returned eventually. However, this time is different...I haven't seen him, nor have my neighbors, and it's way too long of a time away from home for any cat, tame or feral, to be gone from their territory without returning.

I'm currently checking shelters and inquiring about him to my neighbors - nothing yet. If you guys could send some come home vibes for Tucker that'd be really appreciated. I miss him so much!
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Come home soon Tucker!
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It's so scary and I know how worried you are about him. TCS vibes have been known to work miracles so here are some good that Tucker comes home!
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You must be worried sick Many vibes Tucker comes home soon, safe and sound
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Those wandering kitties can be a trial. Sending lots of "Come Home, Tucker" I hope he tires of his travels soon, and heads for home.
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Sending lots of vibes for Tucker's quick, safe return home.
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adding my 'come home, Tucker!' & !
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Sending mega your way.....I rarely see my Tabitha or Slinky much anymore....neither do my neighbors. However, a place 3 miles away feeds them don't loose hope.
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I jsut checked about thirty shelter websites (no luck, not one that fits the right weight, description, and look) and posted on a few 'lost and found' pet areas on them. I'm just hoping someone's ben feeding him and that's why he's away.

Thank you all for the vibes!
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I am so sorry because I know the feeling. Not two weeks but when your cat is gone and it is abnormal it is worrying.
Does he have a microchip? If he does you can give shelters the number. Maybe make some fliers in case someone is feeding him.

Come home soon Tucker!
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aww, i know EXACTLY how your feeling, it's been nearly 4 week's now, since i last saw my Sassy!
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sending tons of come home tucker

and tons of for you.
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Renewing the "Come home, Tucker"

to you, too.
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OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS!! Tucker is back!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled and baby love is home again. Skinny, tired, but home again and with me again.

It's one AM in the morning here and I heard a mew outside. Shaggy was dead asleep on my floor and shot up and stared out the window...mama Twix was out there staring at me, pacing around, and meowing. It didn't sound at all like her, but I just thought it uuy7yuyhhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj (courtesy of Tucks ) was Peep. However, two minutes later I heard it again. This time I thought of Tucker but when I calleda round a bit there was nothing. Finally I heard it a third time. Shaggy, just like the other two times, sat bolt upright and stared out of the window. I was getting serious vibes here, and on a sudden impulse leashed up Shaggy (who has bad eyesight and sense of smell) and went outside. He led me stright to Tucker - it was incredible. I picked him up, and boy, was he scrawny! Still, he purred away and within seconds was kneading my arm. Another amazing thing about this was the fact that we had a huge hailstorm yesterday and Tucker was still nowhere to be seen - I was starting to lose hope.

He's inside right now with fresh food, water, and a litterbox - and he won't leave me alone. I'm so thankful to God and everyone who sent vibes and thoughts in our direction...they really do help work miracles! I'll never again doubt my was only with them that I found my black kit tonight.

Gosh, I'm so happy! Tucker is spending tonight (and hopefully a while depending on what my mom says) inside before I'll feel any bit alright letting him outside again.

I'll post pictures as soon as I can. You can't tell how skinny he is, but his pelvis and ribs are jutting out and his fur and eyes are dull...but he's not having any trouble walking, and besides the malnourishment and two scratches I found, he seems to be alright.
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Congrats. It's always great when they come home. Went thru the same thing with my Ozzie. She's a spayed female and was 11 at the time. Disappeared for 3 weeks and all I could think of was the toms prowling, and other predators around. just when we figured she wasn't coming home she showed up on the porch at night. Even my hubby made a big todo about it, she of course gave us that look like "what's the big deal". She tended to stick closer to home after that and rarely goes out anymore (she's 13 now) so maybe she learned something. Hopefully tucker will stay closer around from now on.
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What wonderful news!!! Please give your little wanderer WELCOME HOME and DON'T SCARE MOM LIKE THAT AGAIN scritches from me.
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That is great news, PHEW
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i wish my Sassy would come home!
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Now, I'm renewing those Sassy-Come-Home vibes
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Yay! I'm glad he's home!!
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
Now, I'm renewing those Sassy-Come-Home vibes
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