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Extremely stinky bowl movements - food recommendations?

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My cat has the most horrible smelling bowl movements. The smell is so powerful, it travels into other rooms. I feed him Friskie's chicken wet food and Meow Mix dry food. Does anyone have any suggestions of food that will help him be less smelly?
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Hi there gonzo

There are a lot of foods out there to choose from. Some of the better quality foods will probably help your kitty have less stinky poopies.

I believe the following have no by-products, and some are made of meat meal that's fit for human consumption. (If this matters at all to you. ) They are in no particular order, and these are only some of the choices:

Felidae * Royal Canin * Nutro Natural Choice * Nutro Max Cat * Solid Gold * Wellness * Innova * Wysong

I personally feed my cat Nutro Natural Choice, and I don't notice stinkiness from the litterbox. Royal Canin is also a food that seems very popular. I would love to put my little guy on Solid Gold, but it's not sold in my area.

Also, if you feed your kitty less wet food, I believe it'll cut down on the stinkiness.

Hope this helps!
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Here is my incomplete lists of food. Hopefully you can find something, any one of these foods are better then frisky's and meow mix IMO.

Yes also if you feed a little less wet food it might make the cats stools a bit less stinky, your cat should also eat LESS or need to eat less daily on a better quality diet, such as those listed below.

I feed my cats Solid Gold dry right now, and Special Kitty or Fancy Feast dry about every 3 days. I'm pretty limited to a good wet food.

some of the high quality (and some of them are human grade) foods to consider are:

Solid Gold
Chicken Soup for the Lovers Soul
Natural Balance

Other acceptable and/or more easily found foods:
Royal Canin
Eagle Pack
Holistic Blend
Natures Recipe
Natures Variety
Nutro Natural Choice
Pro Plan
Sensible Choice
Timber Wolf Organics
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I also feed my cats Solid Gold dry. They get Nutro Max or Gourmet Classics once every couple of days. For treats, I feed them Whiskas Temptations and raw meat. I also like to give my kitties Cat Milk every so often! When I go into pet stores, they all say that Solid Gold is the world's best cat food. My cats love the taste and their stools are almost odorless. The get stinky poop when they eat foods with by-products.

Go to your pet store and ask for samples of Solid Gold, Wellness, Innova and Natural Balance. Your cat will most likely LOVE the taste of all the foods. I picked up some samples (before I switched to Solid Gold), and I put one into each bowl. I had Innova, Healthwise, Natural Balance and Solid gold in the bowls. My cats all picked the Solid Gold.

The only problem I have with Solid Gold is the fact that my 2 year old male Tuxedo, Peppurr, is at the food bowl every 30 minutes. I can only free feed since I have 10 cats. He was 9.5 pounds when he was fixed, now he's 15 pounds. He was fixed in October 2002. He is my most active cat (jumps up the walls, chases his tail, does laps around the kitchen etc.), but he can't seem to lose weight! His ribs can still be felt, with a little bit of fat, but his belly hangs!

Back to the food topic, I would switch to a higher quality food if you want your cats stools to be a lot less stinky!
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