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New Virus- not a hoax

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This is from Poynter Online, so it's not a hoax:

If you come across an online poll asking you to vote for or against the
Iraq war, be careful. It could be the work of an opportunistic
virus-writer (http://computertimes.asiaone.com.sg/v2/updt01.shtml) using
the war as a "hook" to launch a new virus, said Charles Cousins, managing
director for Asia, of Sophos, an anti-virus vendor.

Computer Times says, (http://computertimes.asiaone.com.sg/v2/index.shtml)
"As the United States and its allies slug it out with Iraq, virus-writing
gangs of historically bitter India and Pakistan are waging warfare of a
different sort -- one-upmanship exchanges of viruses and worms that could
knock out your PC.

"It is a fact that war and politics bring on hack attacks. And wield bugs
of mass destruction that affect computers -- yours and mine.

"Virus-tracking service MessageLabs (www.messagelabs.com/viruseye
(http://www.messagelabs.com/viruseye) ) rated the W32/ Yaha-Q variant as
the sixth most active virus in the world. The earlier W32/Yaha-E variant is
the third most active."
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Thank you for posting this!!!Only a sick jerk could think of this!
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Ohhhhhhhhhh no

I just got that email and filled it in Before I came in here to read this, it always happens that way.
Well I sure hope it wasn´t a virus. I do have norton and a fire wall up, but u can never be to safe.

Ohhhh I sure hope nothin happened, keep your fingers crossed for me.
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Thanks for the heads up on this Hissy! And Lulutaylor, I hope nothing has happened to your computer.
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The rule is simple - never open an attachment unless you are expecting that specific attachment from that person. Even if you know the person do not open it.

Also, have an updated version of a good anti-virus program. They do have the screens for the Yaha viruses.

And I think that email warning got it a bit wrong. The problem is not with online polls - the ones posted on a web page - but with attachments to emails that pretend to be war related files (or polls).
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