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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, May 21st!

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Good Morning! It's cold and dreary here, and I just wanted to sleep in this morning, but the girls didn't want to cooperate!

Here's Wednesday's Question of The Day:

What type of phone service do you have? Do you have a traditional land line, cell phone, or both? If you have both, which one do you use the most?

I have both. My cell is used pretty much for outgoing calls only. I only turn it on for incoming calls when I'm not going to be home. My land line is through my cable company (and I haven't been that impressed with the quality!) I keep my land line because the hospital needs a dependable way to contact me when I'm on call. I also like having 3 way calling (not available on my cell) to talk to my parents and my sister (in California) at the same time.
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I have both landline and mobile, but the one i use most is the landline now because my calls are free to ring both home and abroad

I text a lot with my mobile as well though
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My husband and I recently moved and we've decided to just stick to our cell phones for now. We primarily use our phones for texting, so it didn't make much sense to get a landline. We couldn't afford both right now, anyway!
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I have both, though I wish I could get rid of the cell, that phone is used primarily by my parents should they need me in case of emergency. The land line is used for looooong conversations which would use up my cell phone minutes.
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we have both. l use the land line to talk to my mom mostly, and a cell for all other calls. i love texting too
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I have both, but I really don't use either one very much.
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John's parents have the land line, which we use on occasion. We've got our cell phones though which we use most of the time. I really hate talking on the phone so I just text most of the time.
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We just have cell phones here Don't use them too often though...
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I have both, but I guess since I use my cell mainly for work I use it the most.
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cool question!...

Both here!.......
A just curious fact about this matter,...
the landline, is about cards, I mean is not a month rental, I can use cards for $30.00 pesos ( $3.00 us around ) and during 2 moths if I donΒ΄t finish the balance remain, I can put another card at the same cost and the month is acumulate.....

Same happen with the cell phone...

And if you want to txt to me, ask me for my number!........ sucessfully I been texting with other members from here!...
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Both, but almost always use my cell phone.
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Mom and me have land are all land phones, my sister is all cell.
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We have cell phones only. When we built our house 4 years ago, we decided we would just skip getting land line service installed since the only people who ever called us on a landline were telemarketers. DH and I both have Blackberries and text/email far more often than we talk to people.
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We have both. After Hurricane Ivan went through we lost several cell towers for little over a week. If not for our landline we would have been totally cut off from out of town family trying to reach us.

So even though we never use our landline we keep it for an emergency.
You never know.
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Cell phone only.
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Just a cell phone for us We don't see a need for a land line. We both have our own cell phones and use those for everything- we actually save money that way too
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We have both. We don't use either a lot. My cell is on pretty much whenever I'm not at home, but very few people have the number, so if it rings, it's likely to be someone I do want to talk to. We've talked about giving up the land line from time to time, but there's always some reason to keep it. At first it was because we had our internet with the phone company. Now that we've moved our DSL and long distance to another provider, we still need the basic account to provide the line for those services.
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my landline is thru my cable company and I lovee it!! have had it for over 2 years now and have never had a problem with it! I also have a cell phone, but I have it for mostly emergencies or if someone needs to get ahold of me when I'm not home (which is not that often )
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I have a landline ONLY for my DSL and my sister sometimes calls me on it. I just my cell phone for most calls.

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I just have Pay-as-you-go mobile phone and I get my internet from the office Livebox ( for free! )
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We have both
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Rob and I have cell phones we use primarily. When our house is finished, we dont plan on having a landline. Everyone always calls our cell phones anyway. His parents have a landline though. (And we used to use that number for "Home Phone" ... until we started getting messages a week or more AFTER someone left them!!).

So we'll be having just our Verizon cell phones in a few months.
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We both have cell phones only! I hate land lines!
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Land line here.
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I have both. Back in the dark ages of dial up I had two land lines. One for me and one for the computer. Now I have cable for my computer.

I tried using my cell for long distance but in those days it just never sounded right. Then in my decline I find using a headset with the land line is more comfortable.

When I am out of the house my cell is on and in my pocket at all times. Actually thanks to the family plan I've somehow managed to add two more numbers that I get to pay for.

I don't text. Never have and have no idea how others can do it so easily.

We were talking about this the other day. I think if finances got bad and I needed to cut back. I would drop the land line, the extra cells and the TV portion of the cable.

If things really got bad I would drop everything but my on line. So much of my daily life is on line it would be very hard to live with out it. If people need to communicate they can send e-mail.
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i have both a land line, & a mobile phone. i tend to use my mobile phone more though, as am on contract, & text alot of the time! however, i use the land line to call company number's, as it's FAR to expensive to do so, on my mobile phone LOL!
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We have both land and cell. My dad works second shift, so he calls my mom's cell on his cell. I keep my cell around when I'm out in case there's an aunt calls our land line. Basically, we use both land and cell equally. lol
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