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Wood Stove Pellets and Chicken Feed

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I am currently using WBCL and like it a lot. I found that, with 2 kittens, the clay litter started to smell really quickly, even when scooped once or twice daily. WBCL seemed to last a couple of weeks before I noticed any smell.

However, I've been reading about wood stove pellets and chicken feed, two cheaper options.

Perhaps those who use either of these methods could help me out.

Chicken Feed: Does it clump/control odour just like WBCL? Is there a certain type of feed I should be looking for?

Pellets: Stools just stay on top of the pellets and urine...turns the pellets into sawdust? How do you get the sawdust out of the box when you scoop? Do you need a special box (ie. a sifter)? Also, do the pellets control odour well? Is there a specific type of pellet that controls odour better than others?

Thanks for any info. I did do a search, but couldn't find the exact information I needed!
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I didn't like chicken feed for my large numbers, because it doesn't clump worth a darn with that many. And it smelled funny. (I'm picky....I didn't like WBCL).

I know some members here have used wood stove pellets, I have no experience with them.
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I like the chicken feed but I have only had a CRF cat and a young one so pee volume= to 3 cats ....

pellets are good too but they require changing at least weekly if your like me you change it every 3 days

pellets are much cheaper 40lbs about 4 $.. lasts me with two boxes jumbo about 2 weeks

I just got chicken feed and it was 13 $ for 50lbs... 50 lbs lasted two jumbo s about 3 to 5 weeks ...
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I've used Feline Pine pellets for years and loved it. I'm looking at scoopables now cuz one of the monsters has decided she doesn't like to poop in the Feline Pine. I've only used it with a "sifting" type box. Feline Pine makes one but my crew needs a larger than normal box so I made my own:

The pellets disintegrate into sawdust when wet. You scoop out the poop and shake the box side to side to get the sawdust to filter to the bottom. You need to put a small amount of pellets in the bottom part to catch any urine that falls through.

I found the pine to neutralize odor very well.

With 2 cats I dumped the sawdust out of the bottom and cleaned the box once a week and completely replaced the pellets every 6 weeks.

I've never tried a wood pellet other than Feline Pine.
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We haven't gotten around to getting a shifting screen for our box, but to first answer your questions - yes the poop stays on top (unless the cat burys it with all the pellets/sawdust in a corner). And the urine breaks it down to sawdust.

What I do is get all the pellets on one side and use the normal litter pan scooper and scoop a little at a time and sift it myself in another pile. After its all sifted out (and the pellets are in another small pan, I then just scoop up the sawdust a little at a time and put it in paper bags - then finish by pouring the remaining sawdust in the bag.

Then dump the good pellets back into the box and add more. It takes me no more then 5-10 mins to do two boxes this way.
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I have been using wood stove pellets for about a year and I love it. I am thinking about switching back to clumping litter bc I can get it free from work. But otherwise, I love wood stove pellets.
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I love Feline Pine but my girls say that it hurts their paws. I am currently using a mix of WBCL and Disney Aristocats pine crumbles. Woodstove pellets are a good substitute for FP. I haven't tried chicken feed because I can't get the unmedicated type at the local Tractor Supply (oh How I miss the Grange Co-Op back in Oregon)
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We tried Feline Pine scoop but the cats didn't like it. We also tried WBCL. The cats weren't huge fans and I couldn't stand the smell. We also tried Swheat Scoop multicat, which we all liked better. But it only held up like some of the lesser quality scooping clay litters. So I couldn't justify the expense if I have to completely change it every 2 weeks.

We've never tried the pelleted litters. My cats are front declawed and I don't think they would use pelleted litter.
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Declawed cats would not use the pellets and its better on their feet to use the softess litter you can get
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I have a Litter Robot and use WBCL with it. I like the Robot, but I am having trouble with the WBCL. It smells funny, and it makes the cat smell funny, too. And when I pet him little yellow pellets come out of his fur.

What's another good litter to use with the Robot?
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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
I have a Litter Robot and use WBCL with it. I like the Robot, but I am having trouble with the WBCL. It smells funny, and it makes the cat smell funny, too. And when I pet him little yellow pellets come out of his fur.

What's another good litter to use with the Robot?
i would think any high quality clumping litter would work...
from their website:
The Litter-Robot does not require any special litter. In fact, Litter-Robot™ works well with almost any clumping or scoopable litter including some biodegradable litters such and ‘World’s Best Cat Litter™’ and ‘Swheat Scoop™’. Litter beads/crystals are also compatible with the Litter Robot. Litters that do not work are the strictly absorbent clay-based, non-clumping litters.
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I use Dr Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra with my robot. Works the best for us. I have a wire hair cat and anything else gets stuck in his "afro."

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I love Feline Pine because it doesn't track at ALL. I have had tracking issues with every litter but this one. Chloe likes to fling litter all over the place but she doesn't with Feline Pine pellets. (I tried Feline Pine clumping, was not a fan). I thought Feline Pine did an excellent job for odor control, we had it in a small room and it wasn't bad at all (except that they didn't cover their poop with it).

I am waiting for my bag of World's Best Cat Litter to finish up and am going to go back to Feline Pine. I just can't handle how much that has tracked all over the place. My only hesitation is that Matilda was declawed by her previous owner and I don't want her paws to hurt on the Feline Pine pellets (she used it fine, but cats don't exactly tell you when they are in pain...).
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