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Me hand feeding a squirrel (video)

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A video of me feeding a squirrel at my Grandpa's house, he's fed this particular squirrel peanuts for over 2 years!
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Cool! Like the name Skeezicks
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Awww very cute! I used to do that! I was amazed at how LOUD they are when they eat. nice bird noises in the background too.
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Skeezicks sometimes takes 3 peanuts at a time in his/her mouth! It's funny and I think at the end he/she does it.
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That is awesome!!! I've always wanted to tame a squirrel and feed it by hand, but I got bit by one and ever since then....

And I can't believe it can carry that hole ear of corn!!!
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Sorry it's been a while since i've been on.

Yeah that was actually a young squirrel who stole the whole ear of corn, the others (mature adults) would chase it away from the peanuts, so it stole the corn, but later on now it has learned to watch the adults bury peanuts, and steal the nuts after they leave!
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That's great!!!!
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Awwwww that was lovely to watch
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I've been thinking about this thread for a few days and another one on a reptile forum - a person posted about how they had been helping to raise some baby raccoons at a wild life rehab when the woman who originally found them admitting to holding them, kissing on them, and passing them around to about 10 other people to hold. Despite common sense that the babies weren't carrying rabies (they'd been in human care for over 2 weeks by that time and where healthy) and the CDC's own posted information on rabies, the CDC demanded that they be euthanized and tested.

Point - maybe it's best not to get that close to wildlife in case there's an accident (you get bit) or someone gets a crazy idea that the animal must be euthanized because of it's human contact.
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I love squirrels.
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