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The kittens are 3 weeks old today!

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Holy Cow!!!

Absolutely gorgeous!!
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yeah, him and the dark grey tabby one are my FAAAAAAAAAAAAV.
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OMG they are soooooooo cute!
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This much cuteness should be illegal! Look at their little ears!!!

I love the photo of the little cream one learning to walk.

Very precious little ones you have there, Momma is gorgeous too!
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They are all just too cute! I just love the mommy kitty, too. She looks a lot like my Ringo.
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Ahhh, I know I posted to these pictures in Kitten Care, but they're so cute!

I may have to post our kitten pictures over here, as well.
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Thank you for the warning! Not only adorable kittens and mom, but great pictures!
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The mama Cat ( Zelda ) hated me prior to getting pregnant. Then, once pregnant she LOVED me. When she had her kittens, she had to have me in the room and was determined to have them on my lap but I kept pushing her down... - I am sorta glad she had kittens, or else she may have never liked me

THe "cream" kittens is known as the " TAN" kitten by my dh, he says that is TAN, not cream, LOL - Dork.
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aww they are so gorgeously cute!!!
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They're so adorable!!!
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SOOOO cute! I love their blue eyes but wonder what color they will change to. I love the orange one and the grey one. They are all adorable though.
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Aww those kittens are so adorable!! Love how colorful they all are!!
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that much cuteness should be a crime!!!!!
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Too cute for words
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all the cuteness hurts my eyes!!!! i love the first one...hell i love all of them!!
i love how kittens kinda look like they've been electrocuted when they're that little...makes me giggle!
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