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3 weeks old

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The kittens are 3 weeks old today!

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party,party!! cute!!
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They are soooooooo cute!!
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They are adorable!!
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Why so serious, tho? They all look like they're deep in thought!

That dark one looks just like a little bear. ADORABLE.
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I think they hate my camera. Usually they are all rolling around cute.
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awwwwwww too cute!
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Very cute!

Our kittens are three weeks old today, too! I just posted some pictures as well.
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Aww sweeties.
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Awww - My fav picture is the trio one - looks like you could make a puzzle from that one
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hehe ya. THey got so big so fast... already walking and everything, Its so cool.
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What sweet little baby faces!
You took some really great photos, they are so cute!
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