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It's a beautiful baby girl!!

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~!~!~! IT'S A GIRL ~!~!~!

sorry i havent been able to post till now guys, i know you've all been anxious to hear but i've been utterly consumed with my family and my new, beautiful, precious, angel niece and all the emotions and awe struck mind numbing fog of barely being able to believe that she's finally here.

thank you again for your prayers and thoughts. you guys are truly wonderful souls that i appreciate, so. it feels amazing to be able to come here at 2:00 a.m. in the morning lying in bed with my brothers laptop and a world of wonderful people at my fingertips to share these life moments with. thank you for your caring and the support that is given whenever a member here needs you.

-- anyway (trust me it only gets mushier!)

my sister went into labour at 7:00 p.m. on the 24th and delivered after 1:00 a.m. on the 25th ~! the baby wasn't in the birth canal very long and had some swelling and bruising but already it has gone down and already i see these subtle changes in her features just in the past day ! she has the perfect little head, and gorgeous full lips (my sisters upper lip and my bottom lip!) and she's got these huge little hands that are so adorable and she's always got them near her little face or beside her mouth, or in her mouth ! she actually came out of the womb with her hand against her face (unfortunatley for my sis!)

they brought her home from the hospital around 5:00 a.m. on the 25th and shortly after they got home the baby stopped breathing and turned a deep, dark blue. thankfully Brian's (who is my sisters partner and new beaming, proud father) mom was there (shes had 5 kids) and she called 911 and the ambulance was there in under 10 minutes. apparently the little one had mucous in her lungs, still. so they went back to the hospital around 6 a.m. and were there when we got into town. it was incredibly terrifying. the wee one is doing just fine now and all the excess liquid has been absorbed. they kept her overnight for observation and testing and lis and bri came home around noon today. exhausted but serene and glowing. i've never seen my sister so full of love and life and absolute kindredness. she is lit up by her little girl in a way that makes me feel that she's going to be okay, even without our mother there for her. she's going to be wonderful. she cant take her eyes off the baby and she hasnt stopped smiling for the last day and a half, except of course for the breif period of panic they experienced when she stopped breathing. thank god Patti (brians mom) was there and knew what to do.

i can tell shes in the land of the surreal and still seems a bit stunned by this new reality and change in her life, but she's handling and coping so well, and i am so proud of her i just can't tell you.

i've held her precious baby girl all day today, and was there tonight as well. this little tiny girl is so contented and peaceful. she's only cried twice, and just seems to know she's 'home' i've been watching my sister change through these last 9 months, and seeing her now is overwhelming and emotional for all the love and tenderness i see in her eyes and every movement. it hasn't been easy for her to go through this pregnancy without our mother, but i know our mother was there for her through the whole journey and is there with her now, and with her first grandchild. what an experience, what a delight, what an incredible serendipitous feeling. i dont know how i'll ever be able to leave either of them.

they still have not decided on a name but these are the contenders:


i like ruby dawn or emma dawn the best (Dawn after our mother)

i love lola but unfortuanley brian isnt too keen on it, so, it probaly won't be lola. he's also not big on ruby, either, which is my other favourite! damn him! but i agree that they should both love the name they give their child, i just want it to be the one i like the best!!

but i hope they make a decision soon.

can i go on some more? i know i could. i feel so blessed by this new beginning, for not just my sister and brian but for our whole family.

my heart is overwhelmed by her. i want to keep her close to me and watch her grow and teach her how to dance when she's older and how to play piano, how to grow flowers, i want to be there to read her bedtime stories and teach her how to read, to take her on walks
and teach her how to cook apple pies and can peaches. i want to be apart of her life and be there to babysit and care for her as much as possible -- and i want to be there for my sister as i know there will be times when the absence of our mother will be devastating for her. i know now that moving to Victoria is something i have to do within the next year. i need to be with my family and i always feel so much more alive and better here, emotionally and mentally i come alive and let go of so much of the weight that holds to me in daily life back home.

sorry for this unending post (actually i am only saying that to be polite for those of you who read the whole thing) but i can't help but be introspective and gushing and my heart is flooded by that little girl's presence in my life and my sisters change in nature.

i wish them all my love and all the strength and wellbeing for the coming long nights and adjustments, but i feel that they will be alright, they'll be wonderful.

i'll post pictures when i have the chance.

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wow blue, congratulations on your new neice! How exciting! I'm glad everything got settled down and she's ok. I think I like Ruby too. Rubie, Rubi, Ruby... I also like Emma. Emerald, Emmy, Emelia... I'm sure they've been through the list a thousand times.

Darrell wants Faith and/or Hope if and when we have girls. I want Tony or Mark if we have boys.

Again, congrats!
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Congratulations, to your sister and BIL. Glad the baby is OK.
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Oh how wonderful! I'm so glad she's healthy!!!! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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I am so glad everything turned out well for the baby. Never worry about posting a long post about such wonderful news. New life is such a blessing. Peace and health to your sister, B-I-L and the baby.
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Oh blue congrats!!!! Auntie Blue!! I am glad the little one is okay despite the scare. Your sister and your niece are blessed to have you in their lives, for your writing is powered by your intense love for them, and you too, are now glowing.
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that little girl is so incredibly blessed to have you for an aunt. I'm sure your sister is amazing as well, but I only know you firsthand so I can say with confidence that you are going to be an incredible influence in her life.

thank you for filling us in on all the details.
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Congratulations on becoming a new aunt, Blue!!!
Every birth is such a wonderful miracle, and I'm so glad the baby is ok now!!!
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Congratulations Aunt Katie!!!

:teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

I am so happy everything went well and that your sister has such a beautiful little girl.

I like the name Emma a lot, Jane Austen like
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congrats auntie! hugs and kisses!
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So glad to hear all the good news! What a loving family for a special little girl to be born into! Congrats on being an aunt!
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Congrats on the new niece! It's amazing how newborns make you think of the future and all that it entails. I can tell how life changing this is for you and hope someday that I can have that life altering experience that your sis has had.
BTW...I love the name Emma too! My great aunts name is Emma and I've always been fond of it. I think Emmy/Emmi/Emi/Emmie is really cute too!

Keep us posted...we dying for pictures!!
Congrats once again!
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Congratulations to you and your family on the beautiful new bundle of joy brought into your lives. She is quite lucky to you for an aunt.

I can't wait to see pictures!
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congrats aunt katie!
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Your joy completes a personal cycle. And I know you are feeling it for both you and your mother.

Congratulations on the birth of your niece. Cherish her.
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Congratulations to the new Auntie! I'm so glad she's okay... you had me very worried where you posted she turned a deep blue... I had to skim very quicky to make sure she was alright.

And I like Emma a lot... and Hannah also (it's spelled the same forwards and backwards, and therefore, it's pretty darn cool in my book. )
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Blue that's wonderful news - glad all is now well and that the little one is doing better.

The love in your post is so evident and so strong that I am sure you will be a huge positive influence on your niece's life - I only wish I had similar support from my selfish and spiteful brother, but I guess it's not to be.

I have to admit to adoring the name Hannah. Apart from it being my mother's name, it is my first choice name in the event of a girl (I find out later today if girl or boy - hence being up at 5am . . .) Actually Emilia is cool too - it's my maternal grandmother's name - but I can't use that as it works very badly with my surname as it sounds too similar.

Anyway, whatever name is chosen for your little neice I am sure that she will grow up a happy and fulfilled child with all the love and affection surrounding her.
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aww congrats!!
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Katie!!! This is wonderful news!!!!! I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner!!!!! I like the name Emma Dawn!!!! Let us know what the ydecide, and I can't WAIT to see pics!!!!!! You will be the best Aunt ever!!!!!
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