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Cutie cat nicknames

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What cute silly nicknames do you have for your cat(s)?

And, do you think they know it's their name too?

My cats name is Kitty, but I love calling her Sweet little Kitty Boo Pie, and she knows something good happens when I break out that name in a baby talk voice Also, she has some minor med probs, so I've started calling her Poopy Butt, very affectionately of course.
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I call Popsie a lot of things. Stinky, booger butt, pumpkin, munchkin, smoochie face. Those are just a few.
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I call Beauty Sugar Pie, gorgeous girl, .....

Trying to think of any of the other few million names I've called her before. All affectionate, of course!
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Our cats know their names & even their nicknames!

Slivers nickname is Boo. Snowballs nickname is Papa. Sages nickname is Sausage.
Sushies nickname is Soo. Spookys nickname is Pooka Bear. Spicis nickname is Pie.
Shilos nickname is Little Lo. Sadee nickname is Matey. Sashas nickname is Sashy.
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I call rayne mama because she is a mama an i call chance baby boy.rayne knows that when we say mama we'er calling her.
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My nickname for my 18 lb. black cat Max is 'Triple B'....stands for Big, Black, & Beautiful.

My foster cat Jake I call 'Jakey Snakey', 'Jakus Snakus', or 'Snakular Jakular'.

My other foster Madeline I call 'Maddie Shanks'.

I have no idea where these names come from. I'm just weird I guess...
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I call Coco Cokie,Coke,Baby and Cocinater.
Meeko I call Meeks or Meek
Sasha I call Bratty,Brat or Blue
Oreo I call Oreo Cookie, Cookie Monster
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My cats nicknames change from time to time.

Demetri has always been Fancy Pants. Also Butternut, Nutterbut, Pumpkin Delight, Sweet-E-Pea

Farley - Pumpkin, Farley bum, Farley barley, bruiser

Anastasia - Little Miss, Girlie, Poppy, Miss A, snuggly wuggly

Mine know their names and nicknames, they'll look at me when I say it. But if I'm calling from another room they all run in because they assume they'll miss out on something if they don't come
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I love your kitties MissyMotus!
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Chynna's nicknames:

Love Bug
Bootiful Girl

Abby's nicknames:

Pretty Girl
Pretty Baby
Baby Girl
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Jacks are "Furry Britches" "Stinky" and "Junior" (which is all my husband calls him, refusing to use the name I chose.

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Sophie - Purr baby. She is 3 months old and she just loves to purr. The vet yesterday couldn't get her to stop purring to check her heart lol. She was born from a feral female that adopted me before she gave birth.

Frisky- lovingly call him fat boy.

Austin- Austy

Mama cat- Miss Priss. She has been with us since right before Sophie was born. She had Sophie in my lap. She was in pretty bad shape when she started coming around. But now that she has had vet care and some good meals she struts around like Miss Priss and thinks she is queen of the house.

Jack - Velcro. He is another tamed feral. He has six toes on all of his feet and he sticks to everything even with nails trimmed. Tried soft paws but because his feet are so funny they don't work on him. So everytime he walks across the furniture or you hold him you have to unhook his feet from whatever they are stuck too. lol. During the day while I am at work he has to stay in a room with tile floors so he doesn't get stuck on something while I am gone.

Dominoe- Hissy boy. He is a straight out feral that comes to my house to eat. I have never been able to touch him but instead of meowing for food he hisses at me. He will follow me around hissing. Sometimes I think he hisses thinking he is meowing because he isn't mean about it.
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Fiona : Ms. Puss, Ms. Fee, Fifi1puss we were thinking of ways to make her name into computer username's etc.

Ree-Ree: Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojiggly, naughty boy

Rocko is just Rocko. He is too much of a proper gentleman to suffer a silly nickname
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Most of Ringo's nicknames are derivatives of her name. We call her Ringus most of the time, but also sometimes Ringles, Ringlett, Ringatta, Ringoben, Ringoose... We also call her Miss Grumpy Face a lot, sometimes Squirrel Tail, and Tiny Head because she has a rather large body with a tiny head. She seems to know that we are referring to her no matter what name we call her. I guess it's the tone of voice.
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My poor cats probably don't understand why I call them so many different things. The nicknames are ridiculous in my house...

Chip = Chippy Poo, Chippy, Mr. Dude, Sweetie Boy
Mila = MiMi, Crazy Grey, Crazy McGrey, Pretty Girl
Theodore = Mr. Cutie, Mr. Belly, Mr. Head (he has a tiny head ), Little Guy (a nickname he earned when he was a 6-pound kitten... now he's 23 pounds and I still call him this)

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shhhhhmelly caaaaaat llllllllllllllllliiiittle stinky kittyyyyyyy (with crazy cartoon voice)
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My cats have all sorts of ridiculous nicknames.. x.x;

Trina Bella: Queen Cat-Trina Bella(trix) the Anorexic, otherwise known as Trina Bambina.

Toby has even more..
Tobias: King Toby the Tubby, otherwise known as Tobo the Hobo, Tobese(he jiggles. xD), Toaster Stroodle, Toasty, the Tobinater, The Tostess with the Mostess, Tobo: the Flying Elephant...

yeah, I'm sure Toby at least hates me. xD
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Both of them get called Love Bug, Sweetheart, and/or Evil.

Oliver's nicknames include: Roly Poly Olie (courtesy of a former roommate), Ollie-cat, Fuzzball, and Piglet.

Rocky's nicknames include: Rocky-cat, Pooh-butt (courtesy of my boyfriend), and Angel-kitty.
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I usually call Tubee goobers, and Samba is usually either buddy or kitty mostly because he doesn't respond to anything. Root has too many nick names to even list!

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I forgot a nickname! The most important one (where my username comes from) Mrs. Meowers, 'cause she meows alot. Less than when she was a baby, but I guess she has a lot to say.
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My cat and late cat knew their names and nn they arent too far off their real names though:

Mishra (Meeshra)-
Miggidy Mish
Mish mish
Miggy migs


Umbrelly brell
Bellie Umbrelly
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Originally Posted by Jesi View Post


Umbrelly brell
Bellie Umbrelly
Awws! I love Bellie Umbrelly! We call my cousin's Bella "Belliard."
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Girl: Stinky kitty
Boy: Mister Kitty
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Pixie of coarse gets Pixie Stick all the time and because she is 18lbs Chubby quite often..

Sassy has been Fuzzy Butt for years..

And Linus will answer to Brat......need I say more..
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Phinneus: Phinney... Phin.... Mr. Bigs..... Phinneus-Kittieus-Puddin'-Pie (that would be his full Latin name)..... and, of course : Phinnister-the-Minister (of Love).

Coco: Coco Bean... Miss Bean.... Calicoco.... Miss Thing

Murray: is most often MurMur or Furry Murray
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Carter has various nicknames related to "Chirp" because he *still* chirps all the time! Mr. Chirp, Chirpator, Chirpsichord, Carterchirp...oh, except when he's bad, his name suddenly switches to "Mr. Jerk."

Lorelei I like to call "Laura Lee" because someone at the vet called her that once (they had only read her name and never heard it spoken). I think it sounds cute - even if it's supposed to sound like "Laura-lye". I also call her "Pretty Lady".

And when either one of them (usually Lorelei) has their paws tucked under them, I keep calling them slugs.
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we call oreo little lamby because she is always following us!you know?from the poem:mary had alittle lamb?
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Mystyc- Styk, Styki Lyki, Tyki, Tyk Tyk, Calico butt, Tyk... many more.
MyRage (Mirage) - Ragie girl, Baby, Baby girl, BabyRage, Fluffygirl...
Ladi NyghtShade - Shady, Shade, Bratty girl, Stumpi Rumpi, Baby, Stinky butt (not cuz she is, it's just cute), Seedy girl...

There are many more I can't think of at the moment.
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- Cakey
- Cakeyfarts
- Princess

- Raggledy
- Raggledysmuff
- Princess

- Izzwizz
- Izz
- Princess

- Sass
- Princess
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Oh wow, where do I start... my pets have always been called anything but their real names!

Llinos gets called Little Lwyd, skippety lamb, silver princess, mooshie, pussy mooshkin (hence my screen name), kitten mittens, monkey pie, mooshie pie, poddyplop, poosh-mooshk...

the dog (Jack) gets called Jack O'Pooch, diggy dongy, puppy-doo, pup-a-doodle-doo, diggy-dongy-doo, little man, mannikin, old timer, poochie-doo and poochini.

Minky - I used to call her Binkle Boo-kin, Minky Moo, boo-kin, bigfatcat (she was enormous), saggy lip (her bottom lip was wobbly - very cute!)

Bibi - bibbedy-baby-boo, bibbedy-boo, The Beeb, Beebs, monkey moosh, monkey pie, kitten pie...

Hatrack - Posh Spice (she was such a snob), Hattie, Princess, Moglin, Hats...

Woosie - WooWoo, Woose, woolly-woo, woodle...

Funny though, they do know who you're talking to, no matter what daft names you call them. My original 3 cats were Hatrack, Woosie and Minky. They all used to like these vitamin tablets I used to give them. They used to sit in a semi-circle by my feet, meowing for their vitamins. I'd say: "Now all sit still and be good babies. Woosie, this one's for you." And Woosie would stand up on his back legs for his vitamins. Then I'd tell him to sit down, and tell one of the girls it was their turn. Guaranteed, they would *always* answer to the correct name. Clever things, cats
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