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Back slowly away from the cat!

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The other night, I thought I heard Zane yowling, but it sounded odd. I went to investigate and found out that it wasn't Zane, but another cat just outside the window. I couldn't see it, but I could hear it. Then there was still another cat! The two cats outside started to fight.

Zane started to growl. I'd heard him growl before, but not like that; it was so deep. I didn't know that a domestic cat could make that noise.

I withdrew and went back to bed. Later Zane joined me and all was quiet for the rest of the night.
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So glad your Zane was inside and not out with those crazy cats!
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I've had something like that happen before. And one time two kitties had a fight up against the skirting on my house...scared me quite a bit! We didn't know what it was at first so DH and I ran outside and that distracted them enough that one ran away.
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We've had similar problems... we sometimes have a feral problem (we actually help the county by trapping them humanely on our property for them since the problem is so huge in our county, then we take them to the county officials)... well the lady across the street has an in tact male that roams (actually he NEVER goes inside... she doesn't do a darn thing to care for him, yet when loving people are interested in taking him in she gets all defensive on how it's her cat) and he knocks up all the feral females... so we often have screaming feral females in the street while the male does his thing with each of them and Oliver runs from window to window in the house trying to see what's going on (he's inside only and fixed)... I tell him to relax and come to bed cuz the b**ches ain't worth it hahahahaha
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hehe heyu used to make low growing rumbing sounds at eazy.
i had never head sounds like that from a cat before.. lol
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Oh and I have heard Oliver do the low scary growl... it was when he was first brought home to live at my parents house (at first for a few months I was still at school, but now after graduating last year he and I have moved back from school with my parents again) he was kept in my room because I have an older black lab that lives at home too... so for the months of introductions (both with and without me there) I had a baby gate across my bedroom door and would often shut the door too... well sometimes I had the door open, gate up and the dog would come upstairs and come up to the gate and Oliver would hit the deck under the bed and growl at her like the little nasty troll under the bridge lol

Now they coexist and share the entire house... not best of friends though, he picks on my old girl (she's 14)
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I hear my stray female who I have named Lucia fighting often and defending our yard. I also know she is attracting Toms so I hear some awful yowling sometimes.

That intact male Buzby is dealing with is a menace. He needs to be neutered.
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Originally Posted by CC12 View Post
That intact male Buzby is dealing with is a menace. He needs to be neutered.

Oh believe me, I know... but God forbid anyone offers to do anything to care for this cat or his "owner" freaks out... a former neighbor offered to take him in and care for him - take him to the vet, feed him, let him inside etc - but the "owner" like freaked out about how it's her cat and she could never give him up, yet she never pays attention to him... I think the cat can tell my family is not fond of him (not that we've ever done anything to him) because he won't come on our side of the street lol... and he's so fat (I don't know how because the "owner" doesn't put food out for him) that I'm pretty sure he wouldn't fit in the cat trap
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Originally Posted by Meowers View Post
So glad your Zane was inside and not out with those crazy cats!
He would have run them off. Back when he was an indoor-outdoor cat, he was quite good at that. (Despite having no front claws; he was quite adept with his teeth and back claws. [Not my decision! That was done by his first humans; to whom I would give a piece of my mind if I ever tracked them down, for that and other reasons.])
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