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Treadmill/elliptical trainer

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I joined a gym so I can go to the classes they offer as part of the membership. In the past two months I have a crazy work schedule & it's impossible for me to go to these classes. Since they open late I was thinking about using the elliptical trainer or run on the treadmill.

My question-
1) The elliptical trainer- do I just hop on, put my hands/feet in place & start? I've never used one...

2) All my life I've been walking a few miles a day or doing aerobics at home with video tapes/DVDs to keep in shape. I've heard weight comes off faster when you run. Any tips for beginners?

I'm one of the bridesmaid to my best friend's wedding at the end of Oct so at the very least I can't gain any weight. With a sensible diet plus running 20-30 min. 5 days/week will that be enough to maintain my current weight?
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Ok, elliptical is going to be far superior to the treadmill, less impact on the legs. Better workout overall since it simulates cross country skiing, one of the best workouts I have ever had. Ellipticals are pretty easy, just put the feet on the pedals, grab the hand-grips and just follow the movement of the machine, which is a lot closer to normal range of movement than a treadmill in my opinion.
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I agree that the elliptical is better for all your muscles than a treadmill. I got on one at Sears to try it out and it was really easy!

As far as the maintaining question I have no idea
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