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mama cat

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I have 2 mama cats. Ornery has 5 day old babies and Raggedy just gave birth last night. Raggedy's first kitten died and then she had 3 more. She keeps trying to take Ornery's kittens. She grabs them by the neck and tries to carry them away. Is this normal? I'm afraid she will hurt them, so I put her in a cage with her babies. What should I do?
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Sounds like you did the right thing. But, I'm sure someone with more experience will come along to help!
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From what I'm told, a lot of cats that have litters together will act as surrogate mothers to each others kittens... I'm not sure why, though. Either way it's probably best that you separate them, at least while the kittens are this young.
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If both mom cats are feeding the kittens well, separate them. If not give ALL the kittens to the stronger mom. Otherwise, you're doing great!
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