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Cat Acting Strangely

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Sorry, I wasnt sure whether this should go in behaviour or here, I'm concerned that it's a health problem so I decided here would be the best place.
My cat (I guess kitten, around 6 months old) has been rolling on the ground alot, and when she walks she crouches and meows excessively. Like, all the time constant meowing. When she isn't meowing she does the half-meow-half growlish thing? (I dont want to say purr, cause it doesnt exactly sound like a happy sound)
She was just playing with my dog for a minute but after that she just went back to laying on the floor.
I'm not sure if she's in pain or not, last night I picked her up and she instantly began purring but this morning when I did the same thing she wailed like I had hurt her.
She also hasn't been eating as much as she used to, she usually comes running to the food bowl but she's left it untouched since last night.
She's unspayed so I was wondering if these were general symptoms of cats in heat, I've heard they're pretty loud.
I'm really worried, if someone could get back to me on this I'd be really thankful, I'm going to a vet but I'd like to get a second opinion before I blow all my cash for them to tell me something like "She's in heat.".
Thanks for reading the long post..
tl;dr: Cat's rolling on the ground and meowing alot.
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She does sound like she's in heat and she's at the age now where she does need spayed.

I would get her in asap then you can both have a quiet life together
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There is nothing wrong with your Cat. She is in Heat
I have a Cat that couldnt be fix and she is 16 and still goes in Heat.
She can get loud.
Thank God it isnt very often anymore.
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Ah, I am familiar with this! She is absolutely in heat. I didn't know what it was at first either as I have never had cats, but we called our vet who told us what was going on.

Our vet preferred not to do the surgery while she was still in heat, so we waited it out. I know most vets will do it when they are on heat, but it costs a bit more, so just ask your vet. Make sure while she is behaving this way that she doesn't get out - she will get pregnant!

I had never experienced a cat in heat before it happened to Conor so I totally understand your situation! Just make sure to get an appointment ASAP. Cats are pretty much always on heat - there is a few days between - so you will be experiencing this for quite a long time if you don't.
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The solution is simple: Get her spayed...she'll be happier and so will you.
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