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Visiting Cats with Kitty

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Hi everyone!

I've got a young kitten (we figure she's under a year old) and my parents have an approximately two year old cat who has also been an only cat.

I would like to start bringing Kitty (yeah, creative I know) with me when I visit my parents for extended weekends and vacations. Basically, I like to spend as much time with my family as possible but don't want to have to do so to the exclusion of spending time with Kitty.

Now, I am very comfortable with the introduction process. What I was hoping for here was information SPECIFICALLY as it relates to our situation; where these two cats (Kitty, and my parents' cat) are part-time housemates who will see each other about once a month for varying periods of time from five days to two or three weeks.

I suppose I need to speed the acclamation to one another so that it can fit into a weekend, then maximize the likelihood of that acclamation carrying over to the next time the cats are together. In my ideal situation hissing/spitting/pecking order would eventually be limited to a few brief minutes at the start of their time together, if any at all.

Thoughts? Thanks!
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That may be a little tough to do, but it depends on how social both cats are. I've had a few cats that didn't care WHO was in the house, or where they were hanging out - but that is rare.

I would recommend you sprinkle cornstarch baby powder on both of them when they meet and just supervise their time together. And be sure that all nails are clipped on both cats Good luck in getting them used to each other
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Thanks! I suppose it isn't like we are putting together a couple of fighting dogs... Yes definite nail trim is in order on both sides. Personally I think Kitty came from a house with other cats because she is very social. My parents' cat however I think has forgotten her feline roots and thinks she is human.

I try to take comfort in the fact that she tends to react to uncertain things by standing back and observing, albeit growling, rather than attacking upon first sight. And there's also really nowhere they could corner one another.
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